Revel and Tubes ???

I own the Revel M20 which are, imo, great speakers. They provide a sense of presence and scale which is rare among monitors - specially on its price range.

I've been driving them with the Plinius 8150. I've introduced some improvements on the system, regarging cabling and power (Power conditioning and PC). Through this process it becam increasingly evident that I am listening to the electronic signature of the amp.

I listen mainly to classical music (chmaber music, baroque, ancient) and acoustic Jazz.

I guess I should try tube amplification ... so the questions are:
1 - Does anyone has any experience driving the M20 (or other Revel Speakers) with tubes? Do they "like" tubes?
2 - Which options should I consider? I would prefer an integrated ... but maybe I could try a pre/power combo from ASL (known for its excellent value) or watch the 2.nd hand market.

Thoughts? opinions? suggestions?


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I own Revel Studio Ultimas. I don't know how large or what power rating is required by your speakers, but mine would require a monster sized tube amp to control the woofers. And you want an integrated tube amp? Not likely to be up to the job.
Regarding Elinor's response: I own the REVEL ULTIMA SYSTEM and run it with the McIntosh MC 2000 Millennium - 130WPC - and it is more than I need in most music sources. Just listened to Shostakovitch XI last night and I was there - musically anyway (with REVEL and tubes!!) but "powerwise" too!
Give it a try. I perfectly believe that tubes are VERY good companions to REVEL.
I had run mine revel studio with VTL monoblock great combo, had tried cj and cary amp not enough juice.
I run my Studios with, among others, SF Power3s. Just dandy.