Revel 226be vs. 228be

I was recently offered a pair of Revel 228Be for a pretty good price.  The speakers are new and will ship from a dealer. So needless to say, I am seriously considering it.

Has anyone compared the 228Bes to the 226Bes?  If so, what did you think? The physical size of the 226s are much easier to blend into the room, and I'm a bit worried that the 228s may just look out of place in my home.  That being said, if the 228s are a much better speaker then I'll be happy and never look back.  

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
I've had the F206 and F208 - the 208's are just "more".......  I could live with the 206's but I love the 208's.  Bass is far better.

"Bass is far better."

Since bass performance is THE key difference between loudspeakers I think the answer is staring the OP in the face regardless of the issue of possible room cosmetics. 
okay well that pretty much settles it then...looks like the overwhelming advice is to take the 228s and deal with any potential "this thing might be a little too big" problems.

@tvflem--I appreciate your POV.  Saying you love the 208s kinda sealed the deal.  If I'm going to drop this kind of $$$, I want something that is better than good.  Side Q: how would you rate the integration between drivers on each model?  I would think the mid-range will have a harder time integrating with the bass on the 228s given the larger woofer size. 

@dweller,  @roxy54,  @cd318: thanks for your input as well!
I have only heard the 328be but they have very seamless integration between the mids/highs and bass. I can’t think of a better integrated box speaker off the top of my head. 
The 228be is probably bordering on super speaker performance at a good price. I 328be is there best speaker I have heard under $20k. Almost no flaw, the 228be should be great. I might buy a pair myself but I plan to run subs as I do with all speakers. 
Go big or go home. If you can't run with the big dogs, then get off the track. 😉
sounds like the hive has spoken...I can't really go wrong with either speaker, and I can't turn down the deal on the 228s it is.