Reusing cable for diy?

I have a floor machine with a 50ft cable that I'll be replacing soon. It's been in regular use the past five years--*maybe* as much as one week of disuse once or twice in that time. As a whole, I'm uncomfortable with the nicks. But there are several lengths that look practically perfect. It's thickly shielded with grey rubber. Would it be unwise to re-purpose this cord for a few diy power cord projects? Relevant (maybe) stats: Power Cord: 14-3 ST Fixed; Voltage: 115V/60Hz; Motor: 1.5 HP / DC Rectified. Thanks, Michael
No problem.
Usually industrial stuff is made to really last a long time.
The only possible issue might be the insulation decaying.
When you cut the wire, just see if the inner insulation is still strong and flexible. If it is cracked, or splits off the wires, discard the cable.
Thanks for the reply, Elizabeth. Everything is still in good shape that way. When I pull the trigger on a new cord, I'll store this one for those projects.
Poprhetor , I would not waste the time with that cable.
Just not up to snuff?
ST—Hard service cord with all thermoplastic construction, 600V. (PVC)

Should work great for a power cable (as is).
Or strip the ground out, twist a pair in a tube and use a 12-10ga ground (Counter rotated VH style would be great).
You should be really pleased with the performance.
Stuff? well if you expect 'audiophile' quality powercords out of it. Since stuff Like "acrolink' power cable sells for $170. per meter for the raw wire, and the connectors to go with it are in the hundred buck range, or neotech NEP1001 at $1000. per meter for the bare wire.. i think your reuse of an old wire is not in the same catagory as the 'audiophile' one.
Then you can buy decent complete powercords in the under $100. range which are good, but the audiophile snob may stick up his/her nose at them too

If YOU feel comfortable using the wire, then use it.
I bought some MilSpec Teflon insulated 12 gauge wire off eBay and use it for stuff. It is not 'Audiophile Approved', But i can live with my choices.
Fair enough. If it amuses me to work with it, then I will. I won't go into it with any illusions or misplaced excitement.
Do it- Give it a try- It'll work. I was really happy with many DIY cables/cords projects.

But in the future, as you'll move up in gear and/or try out diff "audiophile cords" you'll then realize this DIY cord was just really doing what it was best: powering up machinery.
All copper is not created equal, and it probably has some oxidation. In my opinion, that project, as an audio power cord, would be a complete waste of time.