return of the king

has anyone heard of the release date of the exten.version of the return of the king. thanks.
I read it may be in November in time for the holidays.
That's what I heard as well, making excellent marketing sense. Who knows, maybe we'll see Christopher Lee in it (since he wound up on the cutting room floor in the theatrical release)!!!
Yes, Christopher Lee should be in it. Peter Jackson did say he would be after cutting him out from the original. If I remember Lee was not too happy with that, but has since gotten over it.
Finally!!!! I knew he would come back. You are talking about Elvis, aren't you?...............



Sorry, I just realized you were talking about "the other King", Richard Petty.

Glad to see the "return of the King"................


Jeez, I thought it was Alan King.
Y'mean, you weren't talking about Sky King. "come in Penny, over."
I thought you meant the Lion King. My nieces were all excited. Who is Elvis? Do you mean Elvis Costello? He's great!

THAT...“Return of the King.”

For Christmas release, no less.

But surely, Mr. Lee has to be included this time. It would be an outrage if he, a consummate, distinguished thespian of undeniable class and pedigree were to be denied participation in the new, exxxxxxtended version of this, the ultimate kiddie-shit classic of all time. What will they manage to “extend?” Our disbelief that this was the “best” Hollywood could come up with?

Was he in the ONE scene where real actors actually interacted for longer than 10 seconds with something other than blue-screen special effects?

May the farce be with him. :>)
What character did Christopher Lee play in LOTR? Why was it edited out?

The release date is May 25, from what I remember from the amazon-site
Hassel, that is the theatrical version, not the extended edition. From what I've read on the 'Net, I keep remembering Nov 2004 for the Extended edition of Return of the King. It's supposed to add the missing Christopher Lee footage, and may clock in somewhere at 4 or 5 hours. Wow!
Again, whats the deal on the missing footage? e.g. What character did christopher lee play in lotr ROTK ?
Ed, he was "Saromon" the white wizard who turned evil in the first two movies.
Yes: He was trapped in the tower at the start of the third film, but you never saw him then or heard about him for the rest of the film. In the book, I recall he escapes from the tower and goes to the Shire, and the Hobbitts have to return to get him out of there. Maybe some of that makes the director's cut.
Ah right. Yes, Sauruman. Didn't realize his (actor's) name. Indeed, there was a good bit lacking in the 3rd movie w.r.t. him. (the part where the Palantir gets thrown out, etc.) And definitely the Cleansing of the Shire is a notable omission. It would be cool if they included that, that alone would have to be another 30 mins of footage probably. I've read the books (all 5 incl. hobbit & Silmarillion) many times over, they are one of (if not THE) greatest stories ever told IMNSHO.

I'm waiting on DVD's these day's till "high Def DVD's" start coming, personally.
Not me, I still buy LDs.
Impressive flick! I just rented it. I`d recommend watching it on the biggest screen possible. It`s one of those "larger-than-life" movies. Only gripe; Why are the orcs so damned weak? Even a four foot tall Hobbit mows `em down. Hell, I could probably take a few down myself! :) Fun picture though.