Retubing my McIntosh MC2102

Has anyone replaced all power tubes on their MC2102? If so, please give me some feedback base on brands. I am using factory tubes but would like to see other brands cost wise.
I re-tubed the KT88 power tubes with SED Winged C's. While new tubes always sound better, the SEDs were a nice improvement vs. the stock McIntosh tubes.
Winged C's are my choice also. I prefer them over Sovtek, JJ, Shuguang, and VAC original tubes. I purchased two sets from One regular set, and one set that had been cryoed and burned in. I didn't perform a direct comparison between the cyro and non cryo, so I can't tell you if they are worth the extra money but the amp sounds great with the cryo set.
I find the Genalex Gold Lion KT88s vastly superior to both Winged Cs and the stock Mc tubes.
ditto for the Genalex KT 88's.....

"I find the Genalex Gold Lion KT88s vastly superior to both Winged Cs and the stock Mc tubes".

What equipment were you using when you made the comparison? My experience is different than yours. I believe it is in the application of the tubes with certain electronics where people have different experiences. I am not using Mc's but some German brand tube amps, but the GL and SED's sound pretty close in nature, the GL's exhibit a totally flat frequency response from top to bottom, whereas the SED's offer a little bit more top end sizzle in my application. Bass seems to be the same. Both sound great in my system, I really cannot decide which one is better, they both sound great, just a little different. That is on other than Mc gear as I stated.

Thanks to all who had response to this topic.
Thanks for your feed back. I decided also on the SEDs.
Thank you. I now decided on the SED Winged C tubes.