Retubing ARC sp11: Suggestions?

It's time to retube. Suggestions for my ARC sp11? Recommendations on who I might deal with?? I use it mostly with my VPI Scout; can I replace just the tube for the phono section, or do I have to do them all? TIA!
Dave M
I'd talk to Steve at Great Northern Sound, He's a guy who's opinion & expertise I trust. He's never steered me wrong. He's also a wiz with ARC mods & knows the ins & outs.
Good luck,
Fortunately, the SP11 in a easy retube and doesn't run it's tubes hard like the SP10. I have always prefered Amperex's in ARC gear. Buy the best you can afford. Check out Joe's tube lore at Audio Asylum for recomendations.
Speak with Andy Bowman at Vintage Tube Services in Michigan. He's been around a long time and knows his stuff, verified by people whose judgment I trust. He has an excellent setup for testing and matching tubes.

You need to replace with phono and line stage section.
Highly recommended Siemens 7308/E188cc for the phono section and Siemens 6DJ8/ECC88 for the line stage section.
I've tried just about every 6DJ8/6922/7308 tubes out there on the SP-11 MKII.
Joe and his idiotic pile of lore needs to dragged out in the street & whipped till there is nothing left. I have never seen a bigger pile of misleading info. As if one niwit on a Sunday afternoon with a handfull of tubes tryed on one system is THE judgement on tubes with OVER a half CENTURY of history in Hi - Fi. His off-hand dismisall of all Telefunken tubes should be notice enough that this guy is an isolated & ignorent nitwit!
Fifteen years I had an SP-11 and used original Telefunken 6DJ8s or some Amperex 7308s. Brimar 6DJ8s must be impossible to find now, but were extremely musical and a good choice as well.