retubing a VK3i

Hi all,
I am retubing my BAT VK3i. Do you have any suggestions other than the BAT tubes?
YOu can go as wild as you want with NOS 6922s, all of which are an improvement. I've used Amperex 6922 PQs (nice and not too expensive), Siemens 6922s, Tungsram and Siemens CCas (very nice and due to long life, they can even be used if they are well matched). Haven't been too wild about differences in the 6V6s (used Brimar, GE and Sovtek).
My favorite 6922 tube for the VK-3i was the Tungsram. IMHO it took the preamp to another level. The only problem though was that I couldn't find a replacement set (for a reasonable price). I was never quite happy with my VK-3i after no longer running Tungsrams.

Go with a 6V6GT made by Visseaux. These are available from Upscale Audio.
Thenks guys. I contacted Upscale Audio, they hooked me up with some cool tubes- I am waiting for their arrival.