retubing a bat vk 5i??????

i need to replace the tubes for my bat vk 5i without so to say "breaking the bank". i need 8 6922's and 2 5881's. looking for advice on where to look and if anyone has some reasonable priced choices that they had sucess with. i thank you in advance. thanks, ralph
Check with Ken at
I added to this thread a few years can read and see if it interests you.

that's a great pre...I owned one for several years and had it tubed with Amperex 7308's which are now prohibitively expensive.
The "tubemonger" has some Matsushita 6922's that are not in the same league as the Siemen or Amperex but sound better to my ear than the Sovetek or EH. They were selling for 50 buck a pair. To my ear the BAT sounds best with the Amperex 7308. I have used several 6DJ8 types and they don't seem to last long before becoming very microphonic.
I agree with Joman...the Matsushita's are not the Siemens, but are great sounding and a real sleeper of a tube. I would definitely try this tube if $$ is an issue for the Siemens or Amperex tubes.
Try Vintage Tube Services. Andy knows more about selecting tubes than most anyone.Try the used tubes (Perfect Picks)
to keep cost down. Only guy I use, very honest
I have the Matsushita's 6dj8's and Tung Sol 5881's. I really like the sound of my VK5i with these tubes. Even changing the 5881's was noticeable over the stockers.

I also have Herbies Halo's and placed them almost 1/2 way down each 6dj8 tube.
Where/what is a good source to learn tubes?