Retrofit remote volume to integrated tube?

How difficult would it be to retrofit a non-remote controlled integrated amp with a motorized volume control? I want to say that there is ample room to house the parts and I can remove the LED in favor of the IR receiver "eye".

Will I be introducing potential "noise" by incorporating this "luxury" item? Am I better off finding a decent pre with remote?

I hate to add another component to my very minimalist 2 ch. tube rig just for the sake of saving a few steps from the sofa to the amp but, yes, I really am that lazy when I'm "in the groove" with my music.

TIA for any ideas and/or suggestions!

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A few good options for adding a remote are available from You can use a DACT stepped attenuator with a motor provided by Bent Audio or you can use a motorized Alps pot. The first is about $400 whereas the second is about $100, and although most tend to favor the first option, not everyone agrees with that. Both require an external DC power supply, and I suppose one could shield the PS cable going in to the board if needed. Many manufacturers seem to argue that remote controls make marginal audible noise, though in my readings I've typically seen this statement refering to when the motor is moving. And as long as it's just marginal and limited to the changing of volume, who cares! Unless someone else knows of a reason to avoid doing this, I think you should go for it!

The methods outlined above are for the direct swap-out approach. I had a buddy add a whole DACT attenuator setup after (downstream of) two independent volume controls on a dual mono setup. When the volume controls are up to full, they are essentially out of the circuit. That is a great sounding preamp, though (of course) it would be preferable to substitute the old volume controls with the new one. Another more radical substitution approach is to use the Welborne Labs digital remote volume control, which uses relays to change stepped attenuators. This is not a standard shaft-and-knob approach, so it requires major modifications to the chassis. Too much messing around, but good if you're building your own preamp!

The only real downside I can see is that (some) people are less likely to trust mods if you are planning on reselling the equipment. Also, if you use the DACT approach, make sure that you add adequate support beneath the motor - that's a rather large weight held out far from the attachment point between the shaft and the front face of the chassis.
Also look at the remote kit available from Welbourne Labs:
If you are listening primarily to a CD player, you can try to find one that has its own volume control and use that. That is what I did to great effect. But I must say, that now that I have a remote controled tube amp I am much happier going that way.
Why not just use the outboard unit from Creek? You can even put it in the tape monitor loop and bypass it when the mood strikes. The box is very, very small and unobtursive. It will add a set of interconnects, but it will retain the value of the amp for future sale.
Similar item to what Viridian advised.

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The Wellbourne kit looks really interesting. I wonder what the feasibility of putting the kit, including display, in a separate chassis and running shielded cables to it from the volume leads in the preamp. This way it could be easily returned to original configuration for resale, if desired.
Why do you want a motorized volume but no remote?
Anyhow: has MV-01 for a paltry $32.00. But 100k pot. has nice $29.60 Rem1kit but you have to solder it yourself. has RVC-2 kit premade for $200.00
You guys have been great! Merry Christmas!

I googled alps motorized volume pot and got some great results.

I'm wondering, is there a particular value 10k, 20k, 100k that I'm supposed to be matching with my unit?

It's an Antique Sound Lab 1001dt if this helps. I do have a schematic however it's truly Greek to me.

Again, thanks so much for the help!