Retro system Sony CD Player....champagne/wood?

For fun, I am putting together a bedroom system and decided I will go down memory some of the products I have had in the past that I liked/loved and had a good time a CJ PV-12..etc.

I had two back to back Sony CD players that were a champagne (gold?) color with wood (fake?) end panels...they sounded good...esp. the earlier (707...777...779..?) one sounded better...and I cannot remember what the model numbers were..or the years. Any help would be great.....although I don't think I can do DQ-10 speakers....a bit big...but what a great beginning to the high end...just after the stacked Advents.
You might want to try looking on the Vintage Knob site.

Check the Vintage Knob web site for detailed info on these older Sony pieces. A great source.
Thanks for the link and info....Jim
Was one of these Sony players thought to be the best of the 3 sound wise?
I want to say that the 779ES was the best-sound of the lot.