Retro Sound amp Co.

Has anybody purchased vintage tubes from, or communicated with, Retro Sound amp Co. (Australia)? He sells most typical pre-amp tubes (Philips/Mullard/Amperex 12AU7/12AX7/6jD8) cheaper than most online NOS tube vendors, and also offers vintage GEC KT66 tubes. I wrote to him a couple of years ago, he initially replied but then stopped answering my e-mails.

Any comments will be appreciated.
There are very few vendors,especially overseas, that will continue to answer e-mails,phone calls,etc. if they don't think you are going to buy something eventually.Just a thought.
You better give them a call, i found some info to contact them. You can send a fax, Fax (03) 9753 2200
I have positive results communuicating with Brent Jessee, TubeWorld, TubeDepot, etc. Still, it would be interesting to know whether they are real or not.
P.S. They - I mean Retro Sound, not others...
They answered recently "Yes, the price is in Australian dollars" but then stopped answering my e-mails.