Retro Sound amp Co.

Has anybody purchased vintage tubes from, or communicated with, Retro Sound amp Co. (Australia)? He sells most typical pre-amp tubes (Philips/Mullard/Amperex 12AU7/12AX7/6jD8) cheaper than most online NOS tube vendors, and also offers vintage GEC KT66 tubes. I wrote to him a couple of years ago, he initially replied but then stopped answering my e-mails.

Any comments will be appreciated.
There are very few vendors,especially overseas, that will continue to answer e-mails,phone calls,etc. if they don't think you are going to buy something eventually.Just a thought.
You better give them a call, i found some info to contact them. You can send a fax, Fax (03) 9753 2200
I have positive results communuicating with Brent Jessee, TubeWorld, TubeDepot, etc. Still, it would be interesting to know whether they are real or not.
They answered recently "Yes, the price is in Australian dollars" but then stopped answering my e-mails.