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Help , I sent in a offer but I try to retract the offer before the seller except but I can't there for I contact the seller and explain but the seller won't listen and make me buy the item witch I didn't , so I get a negative feeback and audiogon charge me a fees. 
Yes, the Audiogon rules seem pretty clear.  You need to mean it when you make an offer, as that is only fair to sellers.  When you come to sell things, you will appreciate it I bet.
What happen if you and I enter wrong amount and can't retract it? We still have to pay the fees and get a bad feeback.
My point is that audiogon should have a retract option before the buyer accepted the offer so that be fair for both buyer and seller . As of now there are no retract option I guess that's how they make their $$$$$
Ebay has a policy that if a mistake was made on an offer and purchase, the seller can cancel the sale if the buyer immediately contacts him and pleads his case, e.g., a typo in the offer amount.

Audiogon is not set up to do that. Immediately upon acceptance of the offer, the classified ad is cancelled and fees are applied. No way to reverse it. The seller would have to post a new advert and pay the fees again.

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Once again quit these dummies byebye and forgive them for negative feedback.
Audiogon (advertising) prices seem to be much cheaper on the whole than eBay selling.  Many of the Audio Products on EBay seem to be aimed at sucker buyers.  I have purchased on both forums though.  I understand both positions but I think very hard before pulling the trigger on an offer.  The line has to be drawn somewhere. 
I think the common thread is read the rules of the pool before you venture into it.  It's always the fine print that'll rule the day.

Sorry about your plight, sang.  Good luck with it.
I had a buyer go so far as to send me a bank check of $1000.00 deposit on a $5500.00 set of speakers. He had regrets of doing so. He ASKED if he could get his deposit back. I was happy to return the check. No matter what Audiogons policy is, I want happy customers and I'm not so hard up
for the money. I assume THIS is a major factor in sellers being so inflexible. Joe
Yes, off the record you should be somewhat flexible as a seller. If someone makes me a formal offer and then sends me an email within 24 hours that they changed their mind or they made a mistake, I'm not going to force them to follow through with the payment and wind up with something they can't afford or don't want.  But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Think before hitting the buy now button. This is like the game show Deal or No Deal.
This is a b$$shit move NOT to allow people to retract an offer. I have seller right now just sitting on my offer. I dont have time to be waiting 30 days to see if he reject my offer. I bought something else. Now I have to send him a message stating I am no longer interested.. BTW He sent me a message the first time I sent an offer saying my offer was too low and said if I go up to a certain amount he will accept it and that I need to be quick! .. Well I was quick.. he wasnt.. Audiogon needs to step it up! No app is also a big loss.... anyway that is my opinions...

what if you fail to defuse bomb? ka boom -- you can't retract from there!

many businesses have that ego and policy!

nickcaper- offers not accepted within 48 hours are automatically cancelled.  So it's 2 days, not 30. 
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I disagree with a lot of this thread. (2) days is too much time to consider an offer. As a seller, You know how much you want for an item so you have the decency to either accept, counter or decline. This gives the buyer the opportunity to up his offer, make the purchase or move on.
It is real simple. There should be a 24 hour rule for buyer or seller to decline. I love Audiogon but I am not going to sit around and wait and he seller has declined my offer twice so I moved on then they accepted an offer after I already found a deal on another pair of speakers.
I am not buying both speakers.
...Should the seller be at a loss if another offer is lost because the first pending one is lost? These deals can have a domino effect. One could make an offer with a time limit at the time of the offer.
 Time to put on one's big boy pants.
When making an offer you are committed to buy if seller accepts it.
Flexibility would be welcomed in a situation like this but it is not standard and you should not blame the seller.

We are held to offers we make, but sellers are not held to counter offers. They can sell an item to somebody else 5 min after they made a counter offer to you, and Audiogon will tell you to take a hike when you complain.

Money talks …