Retooling the system upward?? What speakers would be a major upgrade over GET model 7's?

Fishing for opinions about what speakers would represent a major upgrade from the Golden Ear Technology model 7, the rage product of CES 2012. Overall, it is very good speaker. So why so I want to change??. Because, I slowly acquiring much better electronics, and therefore want to experience the sonic improvements of high end separates ( not new but used)  So far, the one major change made has been the purchase of a used BAT VK-200 which has made a notable difference in the sound. However, I have as of yet found a suitable pre-amp

Let me cut to the chase, I have considered the "new" Magneplanar point 7 speaker,  or  possibly the 1.7r  ( which may be too big for my 12X15 living room.)  I happened to run across an ad  on AG yesterday for a pair of the Salk Song Tower QWT speakers which have received good reviews. This  model is Salk's entry level speaker (I think) the higher  models promise better sound.   Therefore, looking for recommendations for speaker that will be a major upgrade over GET's 7 and.not a sideways move.  I will address the issue of new speakers only after I find the right pre-amp for the BAT amp. 

For the record, I have a Rogue Sphinx integrated amp (whose pre-out connects up the BAT amp),  an Ayre CX-7e mp CD player. The interconnect is an older Harmonic Technology "Truth Link" IC, and speaker cable are alternated between Grover Huffman Z series, and Harmonic Technology Pro 11 + speaker cables.  In addition, I used a Blue Circle "Thingee" power line condition ( really a stupid name)   Thank you!! 

You sound like a good candidate for these perhaps depending on your exact goals in "moving up".
Hi @sunnyjim

I would focus on the mid-treble. If you fell in love with the treble of them, then  you should focus on speakers that have those qualities but are even better.

I would think that if you really like the GE speakers, and want to step up B&W will probably be your brand of choice.  Beyond that older Magico's.The new one's are more neutral and could sound dull to you.

I am not by the way recommending these brands in general, just that I think the signature is along the same lines and may be what you are asking for.


Hey, sunnyjim,

The GE 7 is a great speaker. I listened to it at length when I was in the market for new speakers a couple of years ago. Depending on what your looking for you could go up the GE chain to the Triton Three.

Since you have been looking at the Maggy 1.7 and the Songtower I'm guessing your budget would be $2-3k. I would consider the Monitor Audio Silver line and as Erik suggested, B&W (CM line).

Good luck with your search.


In that price range, you should at least audition the Tannoy Revolution XT 8F if you can.

I like Monitor Audio a great deal, it would be interesting to know if Sunny likes them as I don't think they'll sound the same. Based on liking GE I didn't think they were for him, but listening is free. :) Sunny should definitely give them some ear time.

Older MA he may like more. I think the've gotten a little less bright over time.



Why not give the Triton 1 and 2+ a listen?  They are a very different speaker than the 7.  I have 2 systems with the Triton 1 in one and the Triton 2 in the other.
Wow. I had the 7's and the Rogue as well, great stuff. I now have the Maggie.7's and a Wyred4Sound integrated and am very happy. You have a nice system and I agree with another comment, move up the Triton line? If you like the sound it's a good move. The Rogue will drive the Maggies but honestly, the Wyred amp blew it away. There are many great choices in that price range, the Tannoy's are wonderful too. Enjoy the quest!

Thanks to all members who responded so far;  Let me add a few more details. Member "theothergreg" ask what was my budget, I would say between $2000-2500.  I have bought and owned one pair of used purchased on AG. They were  the Acoustic Zen, Adagios which is an excellent speaker, and somewhat underrated speaker. However, they weighed 80 lbs each and stood 51 high on their metal outrigger stands. I sold them to TMR about 18 months ago.  I often wonder what they might sound like with the likes of BAT separates or a mix of BAT and Jeff Rowland . My reason for selling was they were very difficult to move around, and I have back problems

Next, I  have had listened to Monitor Audios on several occasions. and  came within a hair of buying the RS-6 speaker which got rave reviews. They were offered in a variety beautiful cabinets, and I still see resale ads for them on AG. I loved their flat response, but not their somewhat shrill upper highs .

I opted and bought the Silverline  Prelude II's which were slim columns which I wanted. They impressed me as they continued to sound better at each listening session. I drove them with a Creek Classic 5350 SE which was 80 RMS. So as someone noted, I may lean more toward the (house) sound of the MA's. I heard a pair of MA Silvers ( don't remember the model number) about 6 years ago at Magnolia Stereo , and also the Martin Logan Electro-Motion EST.  Both companies (in my opinion) produce too many speakers.  At that audition, I liked the ML's better, but was impressed by the smooth sound quality of the MA's

For the record, and as Samac noted, GET7 is a great speaker. However, after almost 18 months of ownership, I noticed that there is a portion of the lower midrange that is just not there. The addition of BAT VK-200 has  shown that missing niche of. sound.  To the credit of the model 7's they are very accurate speakers and generally enjoyable to listen to. The BAT amp is amazing sounding but also shows the limitations of the speaker, and even some recording flaws  of a few CD I have listened to for years. 

I mentioned before, that I have a pair of Wharfdale's Denton 80th Anniverary speakers.  I love the sound of these small monitor speakers, even though the bass does not go deep, but they are very musical, and I guess can be described as euphonic without sacrificing accuracy.  A member commented on AG,  he hoped that Wharfdale would issue a 3 way version of this gem of a speaker. It just sounds right.

Someone mentioned to audition the Tannoy XT 8 floorstander. I know it received a strong review in TAS, but there was a comment made by the review about the bass propagation, and sound I did not like. It might be it required some additional elevation to sound good. I would audition it, but I am not sure there are Tannoy dealer in L.A. county.  .BTW, I did consider last year, of buying  the Triton 5 which is one step up from the model seven and retailed for $1995. I saw a couple You Tube videos of Sam Gross at CES who designed the GET line, who basically claimed the Triton 5 provide more midrange and a bit more bass, but sounded very much like the model 7.

Therefore I decided to  save the  $600. and bought the 7's which were $1395. Maybe that was a mistake, but besides the money, they were heavier and taller than the 7's    Thanks to all

Hey sunny,

You seem to have tried a lot and been dissatisfied. Maye you need to build your own? You might find it much more satisfying, or at least, less expensive to itterate. :)


Agreed with Erik Squires above.  I lived on the speaker merry-go-round for many years, owning a number of expensive multi-way speakers.  Then I got a book called Speaker Design 101 and ordered drivers, crossover components, and had a friend build cabinets.  Then I ordered full-range drivers from Audio Nirvana that don't require crossovers and put them in a cabinet and will never go back to multi-way speakers (well, never is a long time but no current plans).  If I can be so forward to suggesting you listen to and/or build some single-driver speakers, I think you will be amazed and they can be made for minimal cost.  There are relatively inexpensive drivers from Fostex, Audio Nirvana, Alpair, Hemp, Jordan, and others, even Lowthers.  Build a cheap cabinet with polyester batting, get some wire and binding posts, and for less than $1000, some way less, and I think you will find your last speaker love.
Well, now, I didn't say DIY a single driver speaker! :) However for some that is exactly what would be most satisfying, and that is what matters.  I'm not on the one driver team, but any speaker building is fun and informative.

One thing that I have found making my own speakers, mind you I have a little background before I did so, was just satisfaction with the end result, and how easily I could change things I didn't like. It's all int he crossover.

This is like when you keep eating out and never find quite the right ramen. Then you realize that the problem is YOU need to be making the ramen to make yourself happy.

Not to mention, being able to play all I want to with droolicious parts. :)

If anyone wants to go that way, I submit the best 2-way speaker kit in the world. Ever. Mainly because i made it, but also because the design is entirely free, as in beer, and the final cost is under $500. :)

I guarantee the design is worth more at least what you pay for it. ;-)



To Erik Squires  I really didn't say or even imply that I was dissatisfied with the speaker choices I made. Like many of us, I am always pushing the envelope to find the best sound. Actually, every speaker I owned going as far back to the KEF104ab  in 1984  had some aspect of satisfying sound. .

Part of the problem is that I keep downgrading, then upgrading, so every component gets kicked a notch.   Nevertheless, sorry, but I am not a DIY guy but your  suggestion has merit. At least, it would give me something else to do in my "golden years of retirement  

Hi Sunny,

I'm afraid that subtlety of language (any) is not my strong suite. To me it sounds like you just told me you weren't dissatisfied, but you were dissatisfied! :)

I used to do the same. Then I built my own speakers, like them so much I completely forgot to think about buying or trading them in.  I still keep up with models and tech, but I've yet to be compelled to further engage in speaker trading.

As always, make yourself happy.



Erik, I am not the type of person to engage in "subtlety of language"  If I find fault or (even some faults) with a speaker system I own or have owned that does not necessarily mean I am dissatisfied. I just may keep the GET 7's and be done with it especially should I find  the "right" pre-amp for the BAT amp. I just purchased.

The amp has made a difference in the sound. If I had to cite a percentage, 20-25% improvement in the sound would not be an exaggeration. Therefore, the issue of a new speaker will not be even considered until the pre-amp spot is filled in, then I will either proceed choosing a new speaker or just rest my case with the model 7's 

BTW,  a friend from long ago had a pair of speakers built for him which he claimed used all JBL drivers. The year was around 1974.  Personally, I thought their sound quality was below average, if not just terrible.  At the time I owned a pair of ESS 7's (not the Heil Air Motion version.) Just a Philips tweeter, midrange, and a KEF B139 oval driver. which  provided excellent deep bass even by the standards of the day.  I don't know how anyone can DIY a  speakers without testing it in anechoic chamber to measure distortion and frequency response

Since my long response of August 25, and after reading several of member replies, I did a little homework based on those replies. Upgrading to the GET 5's at $1995. really does not offer that much improvement in sound  even if the local dealer  offered me an upgrade trade-in of the model 7's  The GET model 3  at $2200 offers maybe more clout in the bass, but its design goal appears to be more for  home theater.

 Someone mentioned the Tannoy XT-8F's  separately reviewed by  Neil Gader and Robert Hartley of TAS. They highly praised the speaker, but had some criticism  about an overripe bass that could be somewhat corrected using  either a pair of rolled up socks in the  port of each speaker to control the bass, or getting some plugs from Tannoy.  I loathe having to use plugs because it is somewhat of an admission of an unfinished design.

Nevertheless, the Tannoy XT-8F speaker deserves an audition, if I can find a dealer within 30 miles of home

So there it is;:..... thanks for the comment, I really do not feel I am on a speaker merry go round. Sometimes the search for sonic nirvana can be fun.    


Hi Sunny,

Interesting. Personally I find that few people want to listen in an anechoic chamber, so I never build speakers that way. ;-)

Seriously though, modern tools have advanced time-gating, so if you know where to put the microphone, you can get quasi-anechoic like JA at Stereophile uses for his reviews, or gated far-field like I do. Details on the former are in Dr. D'Appolito's book Testing Loudspeakers.

Part of the inherent problems with JA's measurements is the room response is never there, so speakers will look a lot better in his graphs than a consumer would actually get after purchase, and as a result, I take a hybrid approach.

As for the merry-go-round, if life isn't fun your not doing it right. :)