Retiring my ML 333 for a Krell 300c or Pass x350?

I owned my Mark Levinson 333 for more then 3 years and now i want to upgrade to another amp. The amp that i want to get is a used Krell FPB-300c or a Pass Lab X350 but i can't choose which one i should get. Both amp is in the 4500 range in the used market. The gear i use with my is a Mark 390s and a Wilson 6 with MIT Oracle IC and SC.

Ever consider tubes? If you like power, then VTL or maybe a ARC VT200. I have a BAT VK75SE on my WP6's.

Just a thought...
Go with the Krell.
I use the FPB300c also with the ML 390s and MIT oracle products. Great combo!!!! I have the Thiel CS6 speakers.
I am not knocking the Pass, I am endorsing what I own and
I know how it sounds.

Good luck.........Vader.
I am not sure why your retiring the ML except to just try out something different. I am not sure that either the Krell or the Pass are going to do anything better for you than what you have. Maybe monos would be a thought and going in a totally differenct direction like Conrad Johnson or Rowland. I have had and have ML gear and love. I also just picked up a CJ amp and was really impressed with its warmth. Krell and Pass make great stuff, but are they really doing something really different and better than ML.
The Pass is extremely musical and is what I would buy given your short list. However, you should listen to each one before purchasing. Your tastes might be different and after listening you may not like any of them. I have heard Levinson products on several occasions and do not like them; too sterile. Having said that to each his own.

I have never heard a sober review of the Krell family where it does not say you can't beat it's grip on the bass drivers, AND say it has a bit of the strained treble that can result in listener fatigue.

The Pass lacks the Krell's bass death grip, but offers, IMO, a smoother mid and sweeter highs. It just so happens a friend has my Pass over right now where he is comparing it to his Levinson. He wants to buy the Pass.
Hi, what dont you like about the 333. I would chose the Krell FPB 300C. Another awesome solid state amp is the Mccormack DNA 2 Delux.
According to the Levinson owner that has my Pass X, the Pass opens up new inner detail.