Retired Maggie MG it's and they soundcdelaminated

Hello all. I just finished reworking one of a cosmetically nice pair of Maggies MG ii. So after a day of drying, I popped in Bob Weir and Ratdogs Evening Moods to test them out. This album is particularly heavy on the bass. To my shock, they sound delaminated. I can see that the wires are indeed NOT delaminated (sock is still off).  I followed Magneplanners directions and from a visual point of view the job looks like a success. Could the Mylar be so loose as to allow it to move in certain locations too much?  These aren't anywhere near my finest speakers, but I really enjoy restoring older nice sounding speakers and this was to be the practice for a set of Tympanis. If the problem is not on the glued down wire side, what else could it be?

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I've redone a few Maggies. Since the socks are off, can you locate exactly where the rattle is? 

My method was to reglue, let dry, then hook up with the socks off. Play some music for an hour or so, just to make sure nothing sounded "off". Next, which is the most important, is frequency sweeps. I'd run 15hz to 20khz over and over...listen very closely for any type of breakup or rattle...put your ear right up to the close as you feel comfortable doing at a loud level. I almost always found at least one rattle on each one I've done. If you have a computer that you can hook up to your DAC or any output, you can download a program called Room EQ Wizard that will do custom sweeps and all that for you. 

Running a frequency sweep is very important. Really helps you find those little spots you may have missed.