Retired Maggie MG it's and they soundcdelaminated

Hello all. I just finished reworking one of a cosmetically nice pair of Maggies MG ii. So after a day of drying, I popped in Bob Weir and Ratdogs Evening Moods to test them out. This album is particularly heavy on the bass. To my shock, they sound delaminated. I can see that the wires are indeed NOT delaminated (sock is still off).  I followed Magneplanners directions and from a visual point of view the job looks like a success. Could the Mylar be so loose as to allow it to move in certain locations too much?  These aren't anywhere near my finest speakers, but I really enjoy restoring older nice sounding speakers and this was to be the practice for a set of Tympanis. If the problem is not on the glued down wire side, what else could it be?

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MGII's won't reproduce super low bass.  Are you over-driving the panel? Sounds like you might be getting "panel slap".  That will happen if you overdrive the panel or just put too much low frequency information through it.