Retired Maggie MG it's and they soundcdelaminated

Hello all. I just finished reworking one of a cosmetically nice pair of Maggies MG ii. So after a day of drying, I popped in Bob Weir and Ratdogs Evening Moods to test them out. This album is particularly heavy on the bass. To my shock, they sound delaminated. I can see that the wires are indeed NOT delaminated (sock is still off).  I followed Magneplanners directions and from a visual point of view the job looks like a success. Could the Mylar be so loose as to allow it to move in certain locations too much?  These aren't anywhere near my finest speakers, but I really enjoy restoring older nice sounding speakers and this was to be the practice for a set of Tympanis. If the problem is not on the glued down wire side, what else could it be?

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It is best not to try a DYI rebuild on older Tympani’s.

One other problem is the wood frame warping on Magnepans made before 1987.

In 1987 the IIIa was the first Magnepan that did not have frames that warped, and they solved the delimitation problem, mostly, (if you keep them out of sunlight).

Magnepan still rebuilds the old Tympani speakers (replacing everything but the frames) and they will not delaminate.

Let the factory do it right, and not try to save money.