Retipping Rega Apheta 3 Stylus By Andy@ Needle Clinic

So, I am the proud owner of a Rega P10 turntable which came standard with the Apheta 3 Stylus. Somehow very mysteriously I awoke one morning and found that the cantilever and stylus had broken completely off from the Apheta 3 when I went to play a record. I have my suspicion that it was the housekeeper who was responsible for the mishap. I wondered about the fix. Buy a new Apheta 3 or find an experienced retipper?  My online research led me to Andy C Kim of the Needle Clinic. I reached out to Andy by email and he responded quickly. He recommended a Micro Ridge Nude Stylus Boron as the retip replacement and indicated that it was an upgrade over the Rega stock factory Apheta 3 stylus. He quoted a very fair price of $450.

I sent my broken Rega Apheta 3 via USPS Priority Mail to Andy at his business address in El Dorado Hills, CA. I live in New Jersey. When it arrived at the Needle Clinic 3 days later, I received an email from Andy on the same date that he received it that the work had been performed and it was ready to ship back to me. 

Andy retipped my Rega Apheta 3 stylus in less than one day turnaround. That is pretty good in my book. 

Andy sent the cartridge back to me on the east coast within 24 hours of receipt from the Needle Clinic on the west coast. 

Andy is the type of person that I want to do business with. Trustworthy and diligent.

How does the retipped Apheta 3 sound?  Spectacular. It is everything that it was and more. Thanks, Andy.

Clifford Lazzaro


Andy has become my go to for cartridge retip/rebuilds.  He does fantastic work and definitely has a quick TAT.  As I type, I'm listening to a Benz LPS he "re-cantilevered" with a boron and microline stylus.  Sounds as good as the original and tracks just as well... maybe better?

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Wondering what you think 8 months down the road. I have around 300 hours on my Apheta 3, but if its an upgrade I will gladly send it in this week for a re-tip. How many hours did you listen to your Apheta 3 before it was broken?

Super interested on what your thoughts are. What (if anything) have you noticed after the retip?