Retipping Denon DL S1


I got DL S1 with the cantilever but no diamond attached . I’m planning to retipp it and I’m looking for a recommendation for a retipper as well as for t diamond profile. I was reading that some people get Gyger-profile installed with very good results and others use paratracer profile diamond also with good results. It looks like the original diamond was elliptical so Gyger profile with larger side radius should provide sound that is closer to the original sound?

Considering the age the suspension probably needs to be changed too?





@alexv  Contact Steve at VAS audio.  Excellent work.  Ask him what he recommends. He knows a lot about what works with what. 


I bought a turntable that came with a Zu Audio Denon DL-103.  It sounded terrible and I almost threw it out.  I sent it to Andy Kim at Phono Cartridge Repair (  He cleaned it up, retipped it and I was amazed by how good it sounded when he returned it.  I have no idea what it sounded like originally, so can't compare it to its original sound, but I have a number of cartridges that cost thousands and it now holds its own with them.  Andy's prices are pretty reasonable and he typically turns things around super fast.  I've had him do a couple of other cartridges and have been very happy with him and his work.

Both the above mentioned, I would be comfortable with using and have used VAS on a Dynavector DRT XV1s for a retip a little over a year ago with great results. Also do not forget about Soundsmith as they have done at least 10 carts for me over the years with great results with several different applications. Enjoy the music






Thank you for the advice. I think I was reading somewhere that Steve had done some work on DlS1.  I was reading that Soundsmith lead time has gone up quite significantly.