Retip Transfiguration Orpheus

Hi guys,

what would you think is the best way to re tip einTransfiguration Orpheus? Original is a Ogura PA (about 3x30) were used. I plan to have possible close to the original. Has anyone done this time? Smith Sound, Expert Stylus, other possibilities?
At Transfiguration Retipping one for an Orpheus is no longer possible!

Greetings ... Gerhard
I was quite surprise to read:
At Transfiguration Retipping one for an Orpheus is no longer possible!
Could you please provide some details?

This is the statement by the German distributor of Transfiguration, and a trader in Singapore. The Orpheus is no longer manufactured the last 6 months. There are (allegedly) get no more spare parts at Transfiguration.
An exchange for a new I would not do. I want
only a new diamond of the original Ogura is as close as possible. Expert Stylus and Soundsmith does not answer, either.

Greetings ... Gerhard
Gerhard, I think you may have received 'incorrect' information from your 'distributor' (I am being polite ;~)
If you will click on the link below, you will see that Elusive Disk (and many other retailers) provide re-tipping directly from the factory (a re-tip through Elusive Disk costs $2600)
My experience is similar to Gerhad's.A while ago the cleaning lady's cloth snagged the cantilever of my Orpheus. Thanks to some good Japanese friends I sent the Orpheus to the Transfiguration factory in Japan. They,however, politely declined to do a retip/repair etc citing the non availability of parts on a small scale etc
I am happy with the replacement cart, a Lyra Titan i, but I reckon the Orpheus was a better cart in the context of my system/musical preferences.
A successor to the Orpheus is on the anvil and I was advised that an accomodation price may be possible in this situation.
All the best
Dear Gerhard, Regarding 'other possibilties'. You can ask
Axel ( for advice. In the MM thread
you can find many satisfied customers.

They,however, politely declined to do a retip/repair etc citing the non availability of parts on a small scale etc

Yes- *very* small parts...

I was told that the Orpheus was (temporarily, at least) no longer available because the gentleman that does the work had a stroke :(
Now THAT's an irreplaceable part, the brain.
Sorry to read about this. I have an idea that I would like the Orpheus and have often thought about trying to find a used one. (I am allergic to the NOS cost.)
There are not so many choices when an original rebuilt is no longer possible. But it is no reason to get sad. You will save a lot of money because for all original retips you have to pay Importer and Dealer profit and all they do is writing a new address and buying a few stamps.
I once had a Soundsmith retip (with cantilever) and the work was sonically first rate. Manufacturers don't buy the best available diamonds, a good Retip can be a upgrade based on that.
Dear G_turn: Certainly yout Orpheus needs a first rate re-tipping and I concur with Nandric a bout Axel and I would like to add Dominic whom is a serious/pro source too:

Regrads and enjoy the music,


Thanks for the information received so far! I will now leave me time and compare everything.

The Transfiguration is really bad. He should have died. Whether it is the owner or a technician, I do not know. Hopefully it will continue with Tranfiguration!

Expert Stylus but has now responded:

"We manufacture a range of diamonds and for top end cartridges re-tip using our >Paratrace< profile diamond ensuring maximum retrieval of information from groove modulations. "

"Please note, we are currently unable to accept any new orders or repair work until the beginning of March. Assuming you are prepared to wait, then please confirm and you will be advised of a computerised booking date when to forward your cartridge."

I'm still waiting on some answers and I will decide then what I do.

Greetings from Germany, Gerhard
is it really not possible, the address or other contact of the Immutable Music Inc. (Transfiguration) to get? I have the impression that deny themselves the customer, for whatever reason.

Regards, Gerhard
Dear Gerhard, Axel whom I already mentioned can provide:
shiabta, nude line, hyper elliptical and Gyger II.
He has more then 30 years of experience and already delivered
some astonishing achievements by repair of carts which anyone else refused to even consider. I hope that some of the styli mentioned are a good replacement for the Ogura PA. BTW on his site Axel added: other styli on request.
After nearly 6 months stay in the Expert Stylus Orpheus now plays very well, it just had the diamond (Paratrace) are mounted. There were no other work required. The typical sound character has been preserved ... recommended!

Thank you for all the nice replies!

They are coming out with new cartridge next year,