Retip Clearaudio Concept MC or...

go for a new cart altogether. We tried a new housekeeper and even though my wife told her just to vacuum the living room she decided to clean the turntable and she broke the stylus/cant clean off. I can send it to Andy at at needleclinic, he does good work, to see if it can even be repaired but I'm also considering going to a new cart altogether. 

Was thinking Audio Technica Art9 which would cost close to $400 more than the retip. Any thoughts or recommendations? 

TT is a clearaudio concept but I've been thinking of upgrading that eventually. 
Take a look at Soundsmith - they have great carts and a great stylus  replacement service
I would call Take Five Audio or Needle Doctor and ask one of there very nice people to recommend a cartridge that will be a great match for your table. There are so many great cartridges after all. I would recommend a Dynavector 20x2 $950, if you want a lively spirited, dynamic, presentation.

Matt M
Appreciate the reco's guys. My concern is that if I go for a new cart I want to fit a wide variety of arms since I'd like to upgrade from the concept at some point. 

Any Ideas on the Art9 vs the concept MC? The Art9 seems to be the new "IT" cart, just wondering how the concept MC would stack up against it? 
I would do it the least expensive way now and then slowly go after the turntable upgrade. 
Yeh, I'm leaning towards seeing if the MC is even retippable at this point. 

So curious about that Art9 though