Rethm speakers, bass amplification

Lately I've been reading about Rethm speakers. I like what I'm seeing, but I'm not sure I want to run more power cables. Has anyone tried operating the speakers without powering up the bass units? 

eaglejo, thanks. Also curious, how do you feel the Bhaava compares to the Trishna? 
Sorry for the delay.  I turned off the subs on the Bhaavas and also disconnected my subwoofer.  Better bass than I would have expected.  I'm listening to some electronica right now and the bass is quite good.  I get what you're saying with the powercords though.   With all subs off, I realize that I need to do some more work on integrating the Rel 212-SE.  It's likely too big for my current listening room.  I picked-up a JL CR1 crossover which I was hoping to introduce into the equation.  This would let me high pass to my 2A3 SET at 60Hz or so and then send the rest to the sub.  I think this will likely be the best outcome.  A friend who I trust has done this with stunning results.  

Running the Bhaavas with an external sub and not using their internal subs is my preferred mode.  
Missed your last question.  The Trishnas are more refined.  The Bhaavas more fun.
Thanks, eaglejo! That's very encouraging. Silly question maybe, but does it seem like the driver is working harder? Like, is it trying to produce the bass that the bottom unit is not producing? 

I've also spent a lot of time thinking about how to integrate a sub. I have a Cary 300b integrated with no sub output. Frankly it's been quite frustrating. I like the Rethm concept, but alas, the cords . . . 

The Trishna/Bhaava comparison makes sense. Maybe the Marga offers a little of both. 
The Bhaava's have an 8" driver, the Trishna's a 5".  The Bhaava's energize the room in a way that the Trishna's simply do not.  I'd expect the Maarga's to be a slightly fuller sounding version of the Trishna's.  

A dealer told me he preferred the Bhaava's to the Trishna's.  I can understand why.  You could get a Rel sub and just use the speaker-level outputs from the Cary.  That's what I'm doing now since I haven't yet incorporated the JL CR1 into things.  

I would think that the smaller the driver the more meaningful the JL CR1 would be.  Srajan at 6moons seems to be going down this path now.  I'm also trying to downsize and simplify things.  I'm using a Vega G2 going direct and the sound is really good, but when I put my Tom Evans Vibe/Pulse into the mix, the delta is immediately apparent and not that subtle.  

Hope this helps.  You can get some good deals on the Rethm's now since they're updating the line and going to forward facing bass drivers, rather than the existing downward.

I always get sucked into the downsize/simplify mode, but then you have those magical music experiences where the system sounds so good and immersive that the experience is imprinted in your memory.  And that's why I can never consistently downsize my rig.