Rethm speakers, bass amplification

Lately I've been reading about Rethm speakers. I like what I'm seeing, but I'm not sure I want to run more power cables. Has anyone tried operating the speakers without powering up the bass units? 


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Eaglejo, with the bass modules disconnected, do the drivers produce any bass at all? 
"And, what is wrong with power cords anyway? They are an ancient druid symbol of male virility."

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The name of the game these days is Simplify! I don't have a sub output, so the sub solution wouldn't be much less cumbersome than the power cords. Maybe I need to go in a different direction. 
eaglejo, thanks. Also curious, how do you feel the Bhaava compares to the Trishna? 
Thanks, eaglejo! That's very encouraging. Silly question maybe, but does it seem like the driver is working harder? Like, is it trying to produce the bass that the bottom unit is not producing? 

I've also spent a lot of time thinking about how to integrate a sub. I have a Cary 300b integrated with no sub output. Frankly it's been quite frustrating. I like the Rethm concept, but alas, the cords . . . 

The Trishna/Bhaava comparison makes sense. Maybe the Marga offers a little of both. 
"I always get sucked into the downsize/simplify mode, but then you have those magical music experiences where the system sounds so good and immersive that the experience is imprinted in your memory. And that's why I can never consistently downsize my rig."

I know exactly what you mean. Over the course of several years, I ride that wave up and down. I build out for several years, chasing a particular sound. And then I realize I've got a room full of equipment and can't remember what I was looking for. And all the cords and cables start to give me the heebie-jeebies, 
This is also helpful. I don't plan to move away from tubes but I do try to look out for SS gear that can perform most like tubes -- if for some reason I had to go SS down the road. Heat, for example. 

Thanks, I'll be interested to hear how the JL CR1 works out. I've never tried an external crossover, nor have I daisy-chained the mains off a sub, because one of my greatest fears is signal degradation. Though I freely admit that that is at least partly irrational.