Retermination Services in NYC

I need a power cable and interconnect re-terminated. (Don't ask why!) Do you know a competent re-terminator in the NYC area? Thank you.

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John from Audio Connection can terminate cables. I don't know how complicated a termination he can do, but I trust him. JPS Labs is on Long IS. Looking at the price of his cables, I would say Suffolk County. I you can't find anyone local, Cable Company is in PA. It would help to know what type of cables you have.
Unfortunately, there seems to be some mis-information.  JPS Labs is in NY State outside of Buffalo, a LONG way fromLong Island.  The Cable Company does not offer re-termination services, although if the cable is one of the brands that they carry, I am sure they can help getting it done by the factory for you.

Lol the OP sorry he said don't ask why, I was just being immature.
Patrick Cullen at Cullen Cable does reterminations. 
Thank you all for your assistance.

I said don't ask why because how it happened is, for the power cable, infuriating (out-of-control cleaning lady) and for the IC's my idiocy (you're not supposed to yank, dumbkopf!).

I ultimately sent my Nordost Valkyrie (sp?) IC’s to Cullen Cables for re-termination. Patrick Cullen was a pleasure to deal with. Did an excellent job at very reasonable cost and was extremely responsive. Kudos!

I would send them back to the manufacturer to have them properly re-terminated. I have done that with Acoustic Zen to switch RCA to XLR and to have cables shortened after moving components.