Retermination Services in NYC

I need a power cable and interconnect re-terminated. (Don't ask why!) Do you know a competent re-terminator in the NYC area? Thank you.

John from Audio Connection can terminate cables. I don't know how complicated a termination he can do, but I trust him. JPS Labs is on Long IS. Looking at the price of his cables, I would say Suffolk County. I you can't find anyone local, Cable Company is in PA. It would help to know what type of cables you have.

Me or the OP?
Unfortunately, there seems to be some mis-information.  JPS Labs is in NY State outside of Buffalo, a LONG way fromLong Island.  The Cable Company does not offer re-termination services, although if the cable is one of the brands that they carry, I am sure they can help getting it done by the factory for you.

Lol the OP sorry he said don't ask why, I was just being immature.
Patrick Cullen at Cullen Cable does reterminations. 
Thank you all for your assistance.

I said don't ask why because how it happened is, for the power cable, infuriating (out-of-control cleaning lady) and for the IC's my idiocy (you're not supposed to yank, dumbkopf!).

I ultimately sent my Nordost Valkyrie (sp?) IC’s to Cullen Cables for re-termination. Patrick Cullen was a pleasure to deal with. Did an excellent job at very reasonable cost and was extremely responsive. Kudos!

I would send them back to the manufacturer to have them properly re-terminated. I have done that with Acoustic Zen to switch RCA to XLR and to have cables shortened after moving components.