Reterminating older MIT 750 CVT Speaker cable to a shorter length - Can this be done?

They look like normal thick cable but when you remove the ends (they have "resistors" imbedded near the splitters).
If I were to reterminate these to a shorter length, would this be possible and not cause much harm to its overall performances?

MIT is not able to help since this is a much older model and they will not provide any service.
Would like to make these 8 footer into a 4 footer pair. Thanks

Are they resistors, inductors, or capacitors?

If one could measure them, then it might be possible to add them to the cut off end.

Or just remove those resistors, as they should not help a lot. They would reduce the damping factor… which maybe be what they are accomplishing??
The smaller network on the output end of the Transparent Reference XL speaker cable. It consists of a 1000 pF capacitor and a 31.7 ohm resistor.

All you do here is solder the cap and resistor together. Then, use your soldering iron to melt away the insulation on the positive and negative legs of the cable 12 inches from the output end.

It is a HP filter 25K or higher. This is for a 3 meter run. You'll be just fine, though. The other end has a hand wound inductor and couple of other parts. There are two parts of the network. 

Thank you gents for the responses. I noticed its only on one of the ends of each cable. These are original MIT 750 CVT factory terminated and has not been tampered with ever.

So shorting the cable from 8 feet to 4 feet on the end without the resistors should be fine I trust?

OP it is for a "Transparent cable". I was talking ONLY about the little Hi Pass filter at the end of the run. You can roll it off sooner if you want or leave it out all together. I've made up inline filters that work the same way. You can buy inline filters too.

Honestly though, I quit using all the network cables and went to weaves and ribbon cables. I haven't looked back. 

150.00 is a real push for a pair of 3 meter cables. 1.5 meters 75.00 or so..
They will make the length and use the terminal ends you want too, just ask. It's not a huge store, really kinda of mom and pop..


6 days to 2 weeks. Delivery. I been using the same guy for over 3 years.

Have fun in any case..

Is that 31 ohm in series?

Or with the capacitor in series between the +/- to roll the high end?