Reterminating Nordost- worth it?

I have some Nordost Red Dawn II biwire interconnects, or whatever you call it when you have 2 z connectors on the amp end and 4 on the speakers end. Anyway, given my latest speakers are not biwireable, would it be worth it to reterminate the speaker end? Who would do such a thing?
I am thinking that if I do this I will now have two parallel strips of wire per channel which may not be what was intended originally. Of couse with these wires you have like 18 thin parallel strands anyway so maybe no big deal? or not? Does anyone know if it would be different or the same or have any recommendations?

Does the Red Dawn have Bananas? (Nordost calls it Z plugs!) Also does the available binding post a 5 way binding post?(i.e accomodates bananas and spades at the same time)

If yes to both then, there is a solution to combine both at the speaker ends which does not have bi-wiring (2 sets of binding post)capabilities. What you can do is to buy a pair of Monster cable Spade connectors($19.95 a pair), opening it, you will see that the Z plugs will fit in the tube snugly(the body with the female thread of the connector). You can insert it in there, and then connect the spades. The plugs will not break. I tried it and it works.
There are a lot of different types of those spades, which ones are you referring to? do you have a precise model number (oh and yes your solution will work for me, thanks).
Here are the ones I have seen

type #1- (8 gauge)

Type #2 - (4 gauge)

Type #3- (quick lock)
The easiest thing to do if you have a five way binding post in your speaker is the following:

Unscrew the post sufficiently to exposure the hole through the center of the post. Insert one of the z-plugs in this hole (they will fit) Then screw the post back down so that it is snug over that z-plug. Then insert the other z-plug into the hole hole atop the post.

This works just fine and is perfectly acceptable to do with z-plugs. It is better than using another connector to double up because those tend to degrade the signal and/or add capacitance. The nice thing about z-plugs vs. banans is that they can fit in both holes of a five way binding post...
Out of curiosity, are "Z Plugs" similar to the current connectors that Audioquest is marketing as a "banana plug" ? From what i can remember, they look pretty similar. Sean
Here you go....

Monster QuickLock Connectors

QuickLock™ Gold Angled Spade Connectors For Easy Self Crimping Terminations
Monster QuickLock™ Gold Angled Spade Connectors For Easy Self Crimping Terminations. The 2-piece screw-on design offers easy and reliable crimpless and self-crimping terminations. Precision-machined flat undersides are designed to permit maximum contact for superior signal transfer.

QuickLock™ Gold Banana Connectors For Easy Self Crimping Terminations
Monster QuickLock™ Gold Banana Connectors for easy self-crimping terminations. The 2-piece screw-on design offers easy, reliable crimpless and self-crimping terminations. 9 separate 24K goldplated beryllium-copper leaf spring contacts, and a wider base provide maximum signal transfer.
Re-terminating is mot a big deal if you send it to Nordost. I think the fee is around 50$. The big deal is if you ever get a bi-wire speaker again. What I would would do is send them to Nordost and get one set of conductors changed to spades. You get then easily use the wires on either type speaker with no downside.
Symphony Sound has it right. Nordost gets $60 PER TERMINATION, so don't bother. Adding adaoptors, or....heaven forbid, CRIMPING into the Red Dawn is much less desirable. Just stick the Z's into the holes, which is where they naturally want to go!
Thanks for the great responses. The speaker cable does in fact have Z Plugs which are banana plugs (don't know if they are same or different from AQ ones).