Reterminating a PS Audio statement power cord?

Hello, I use a PS Audio 6 foot "statement" power cord from my wall to a UPC-200. I like it so much that I was hoping for some feedback on the following question: I would like to use the same power cord from my UPC-200 to my amp...but my amp uses a 20 amp female IEC and PS Audio does not make a 20 amp IEC. Would, in your opinions, it be worth it to have a statement Power cord professionally reterminated for 20 amp at the IEC side for my amp application? thanks for your help. Jim
If you ever wanted to sell it... it would be worth next to nothing, unless it was done by the factory.
The factory will not do it. They recommend sending it to I have two Statement cords there right now for the same reason. After 2 years of Paul saying they were coming out with a 20 amp IEC Statement cord, I gave up.
Probably economic suicide to reterminate a stock cable. You might want to look at a 15 amp to 20 amp IEC adapter instead. Voodoo Audio has advertised one ($50.00) in the past (see Manufacturer's List link) I suspect there are others as well. A number of cable manufactures make stock 20 amp IEC power cords as well.