Reterminating a cable into two different lenght

I have a 3M power cord, want to cut into (3) 1M power cord. One friend referred me to moon audio to reterminate the cable. Wondering if anyone have experience about this and how is the quality compared to the original cable?

Thanks in advance.
have you seen his feedback on ebay and here ?
looks pretty good:
ebay -415 positive transactions @ 100 %
audiogon - 135 positive and 2 neutral
He did an IC for me.
Good work.
Power cords would be easy job for him or any DIY.
What power cord do you have? You have to judge for yourself if it is worth it as you have to add the cost of the ac plugs, iec connectors, plus the labor and shipping.
Hi, I have the PS audio Statement 3M PC to be split into (2) 1.5M. Total cost is about $80. My main concern is whether it effect quality of the original cable.
I have sent my power cord to drew from moon audio for termination.
keny: my final cost is about $190, I was told by Drew that the quality is about the same as the original.
Thanks everyone.