Reterminate Valhalla PC

Hi there,

As the Valhalla PC is becoming more and more affordable, what are your thoughts about upgrading the standard connectors to Top range Oyaide or Furutech?

Also if anybody here actually has reterminated his/her Valhalla PC with better connectors like Oyaide 004/M1/F1, or Furutech Fi-50, please let me know about your findings in comparison with the standard connectors!
Due to the strength and weakness of Nordost, any Furutech end couldn't be a good match for them. Since they'll be too expose and a bit forward, also lack of body and deep bass.

I'd recommend Oyaide F1/M1 which gave me many perfect combination for the cable with similar characteristic to Valhalla. Or the new Wattgate Evolution gold can be your alternative choice (a bit better than old classic Wattgate Gold).
When the Valhalla came out the shortest length was 2 metres. I sold many many Valhalla powercords in my life. When we compared a 1 metre with a 2 metre we understood why Nordost did not sell this. The 1 metre version lost the balance in the mid freq. It became less natural in sound. Later they sold also 1 metre versions. But only because of commercial reasons. The Oyaide are the best on Valhalla. More dynamic compared than Furutech. And also more resolution.
Yes you did BO1972.
Were any made in USA ?
I only sold original Nordost cables.
Please tell us about your experience. I use Valhalla 1 for bi-amping monoblocks and preamplifier with furutech FI-50 connectors. Think of the replacement for treble/midrange and preamp on Oyaide F1. Is that the right decision?