Reterminate Speaker Cable or not...???? Monster ME2K sigma retro speaker cable


I just removed the tech flex jacketing, rubber boots and heat shrink surrounding my Monster SIgma ME2K sigma speaker cable, and found what you see in the pictures below.

There is some fraying of the copper strands, not all are compression welded in the copper sleeve, some fractured copper strands etc... nothing major.

This got me thinking should I do one of the following:

1.) Completely reterminate.
2.) Merely put heat shrink around the copper strands to contain them together
3.) Solder the frayed strands / silicone glue them all together
4.) Leave them alone and live with it
5.) Something else

Isn't it disappointing to see the garbage that comes to us as an upgraded product.  I took apart an expensive Purist Audio power cord to reveal similar manufacture.  I made my own power cord using top Furutech connections and Neotech wire.  Anyway, all of your suggestions are valid...probably makes little difference.
There are some good things about this view. Finely stranded wire, along with a thick overall gauge is a good thing.

Um, the one thing I encourage you to think of is to spend the time to do it right.

I prefer WBT connectors. They tend to have the best grip at the final point of contact, and of course the copper sleeves provide a great interface.

It's Monster Cable, throw it away!
Reterminate for sure if you like the way it sounds, and use quality copper connectors as Erik says.
+1Roxy - reterminate and keep it if you like the way it sounds.  Even if it is a backup you use occasionally.
Thanks for all the replies.

Looks like reterminating is the way to go here.
Erik is correct there are some good things about the cable, which WBT do you recommend?