Reterminate Powercon to IEC

The end of my Audience eChord used with AdeptResponse power conditioner has a Powercon termination.I think the AdeptResponse is excellent, but am not overly thrilled with the eChord. Is there anyone who can re-terminate a regular IEC termination on a PC with a Powercon termiantion, so I can use another PC with the AdeptResponse.

Voodoo Cables also has a Powercon/IEC adaptor and I wonder if any of you have used this, and to what effect?


- If the blue AdeptResponse connector have 2 screws then it'll be a simple swap with your IEC eChord.
- If the blue AdeptResponse connector is molded, modify it would probably not a good idea.
Good luck NgLazer.
I hope this AdeptResponse connector is a "Snap & lock" type. That would be much easier to swap with your IEC. But since it is designed for high current AC, that's very lightly. Good luck.

Since i just bought the 12 outlet adept unit you've got me wondering...:)
Are you saying that you do not like the cable that came with the power conditioner and want to find something better or are you saying you do not like the connector and wish to replace it with something better?
Please advise what you have learned as you will help me along with yourself!!

I believe the cable has a "snap and lock" termination as i have not received mine yet but there is a pic on they're site.

Many thanks for your time!