Reterminate Powercon to IEC

The end of my Audience eChord used with AdeptResponse power conditioner has a Powercon termination.I think the AdeptResponse is excellent, but am not overly thrilled with the eChord. Is there anyone who can re-terminate a regular IEC termination on a PC with a Powercon termiantion, so I can use another PC with the AdeptResponse.

Voodoo Cables also has a Powercon/IEC adaptor and I wonder if any of you have used this, and to what effect?


- If the blue AdeptResponse connector have 2 screws then it'll be a simple swap with your IEC eChord.
- If the blue AdeptResponse connector is molded, modify it would probably not a good idea.
Good luck NgLazer.
I hope this AdeptResponse connector is a "Snap & lock" type. That would be much easier to swap with your IEC. But since it is designed for high current AC, that's very lightly. Good luck.