Retail vs. List Price

What is a fair, good, realistic, great %discount off list price for HiEnd audio? Specifically: I am looking for the Revel M 20s and need some advice before purchasing. I've seen prices from $2000(the actual retail) to $1695. What's a guy to do?
I once bought a used pair of NHT 3.3's. The paperwork I received with the speakers included the original sales receipt. It showed a "special accomodation" price of dealer cost to the original purchaser of $860 per speaker. If you take $860 x 2 = $1720. Then take $1720/.4 = $4300, which is the list price. Therefore, this means that the list price is 2.5 times the dealer cost ($1720 x 2.5 = $4300). This is the only case where I have actual numbers, but one could assume that this is typical of the high end industry where people are buying luxury goods. Just thought I would throw this out for thought or comment.
Jeff_s- Good point to bring up but with out dealers there would be no audiogon because there would be no gear around :) Of course this isn't like groceries that everyone needs how many in your home town are into hi-fi? its a niche market and you gotta pay for it; hey look at least its not crack! But obviously the 1 meter interconnect(pair) I bought for $1100 wasn't worth that much(not materials or no matter how you look at it) but I like it, and it gives me that much joy. Look at Jewelers, clothing stores, tire shops :o) they all take advantage of the consumer because they have to in order to make money(well maybe not the last one but you get the idea ;) )

Revel is a Madrigal product line. Cost on all Madrigal gear to the dealer is 45 points, with an additional 5 points for early pay/prepay. So the dealer pays either 50% or 55% of list for the item.

If you don't get at least 25% off, walk. Any Madrigal dealer that truly wants your business will do it. Trust me. Of course, that doesn't mean the average Madrigal customer won't pay more--in fact, they usually do. Profitable line.
hard goods like electronics typically cost dealers -40 -special deals they have

speakers will have a deeper discount

and cartridges and tonearms more again

good luck!
I don't know where Findoc came up with his numbers for Madrigal, I do believe they are VERY inaccurate! I suspect a typical case of taking a shot at Madrigal; the price you pay for being a leader.