Retail ricing on Entreq grounding system

There have been a lot of discussions about both Entreg and Tripoint Troy grounding systems.
I know Tripoint is FAR more expensive, but I couldn't find any references to an exact pricing of Entreq system.
(As a side note, It's always been very irritating to me,that manufacturers do not publish pricing of the website???
Are they trying to keep pricing secret from potential customers? Imagine going to ANY retail store with no pricing labels on anything).
Can somebody post retail price of the Entreq system, please?
The reason they don't post prices in most cases is because prices often vary region to region.
03-14-14: Bar81
The reason they don't post prices in most cases is because prices often vary region to region.

True. Prices are often based on what you will pay, not what the item cost to make.
Then, why not to publish prices for a different regions?
And I know an answer to this one. Still, it doesn't make it any less annoying.
The question remains- retail on Entreq in USA
Some manufactures will have wholesale prices and leave it up to their respective distributor to determine retail price. Retail prices will differ from region to region due to various import duties, tariffs, increased distribution cost, and in some instance, non-factory warranty support.
Agreed, but there is no need to hide prices to take advantage of that phenomenon - look at the new line from Dan D'Agostino - they have tons of reviews on the site with the prices plastered all over them.
And the price of Entreq is???

I have it on PDF but cannot Post it here


I contacted Entreq direct for the price. I believe they offer a money back guarantee. I plan to try one soon.
Does it mean they sell at MSRP, even if there is no dealer here?

Whoever you are buying from, make sure he sells you the latest ‘Infinity Line Tech’ upgraded ground boxes and cables. Most of the US retailer are still trying to offload ‘old’ incentory and have not posted pictures of the latest Infinity Line. I spoke with the Canadian distributor at AXPONA and he mentioned new improved line is much better.