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Well, I finally replaced the Leviton outlets in my listening room with the porter ports I'd purchased a couple nights ago... I'd been holding off, not wanting to change too many things at once or too soon in my system, as we all know what happens when you do that... I've been breaking in a pair of mono blocks for a couple of months now, but I felt pretty comfortable with what my system is sounding like now, with changes in the amps being hardly noticeable from one day to the next at this point... so I decided to go for it... I didn't clean the wires when I first put them in, as I wanted to hear what just the difference was between the outlets themselves, even if they're not broken in yet... and then yesterday, I took them back out and cleaned the wires and then put them back in, so I could tell what difference cleaning the wires alone made to the overall sound....

Cleaning the wires themselves seemed to add only slightly to the overall improvement, but it did add a bit more tightness and clarity to the bass area in particular... and as you know, in this game even slight improvements are sought after and welcomed, as they accumulate and add to the total satisfaction of the listening experience. The bass area in particular is one that is difficult to gain tightness and clarity in, and most people end up swapping out a ton of IC's and cords hoping to find the magic combination. Seems obvious now that unless the wires providing the source of electricity to the system through the outlets are clean, one will not attain optimum performance further down the signal chain. I opted to clean the wires rather than make a fresh cut, as I didn't have a pair of wire strippers handy to work with. I ended up using some copper cleaner that I had on hand to clean the wires first, then I applied some of the CAIG R5 contact cleaner to clean off any residue and take off any remaining oxidation and leave the protective coating which it contains... Boy, what a difference there is between adding the new "porter ports" and cleaning the wires...

I sat listening to the two tracks I normally listen to on the "Song for Juli" CD (Jesse Colin Young) over and over again last night, (tracks 2 & 3)... probably played them over a dozen times, just amazed at the amount of additional realism being conveyed on my soundstage... I'd play the second track and then wanted to hear how improved the first track was again... the realism was nearly addictive and I felt almost as if I was going through a bit of withdrawal as the realism began to fade from my memory and I'd want to hear the first track once again... each time I'd listen again it was just as exhilarating hearing the additional presence, the enhanced timbre, all the subtle nuances, and just how much more realism the images were now conveying in the system...

After doing this for a while I finally let the next track play.... I normally don't play any other tracks on this CD, as I generally don't care for the tunes... but last night I was so captivated by the realism, I kept listening to track after track, putting my attention on each of the instruments and marveling at the realism and the sense of interplay between the different timbres of the instruments, and the additional realism of the vocals... the sense of being live and present at the actual performance was very much enhanced...

I remember when I first began putting my system together and discovered on the CD's second track that there was a female vocalist also singing. I'd never noticed her voice before when I'd listened to that song on other equipment before I got into high-end. She sings in such unison with Jesse's lead vocal, never extending beyond him at all and singing in such exact parallel with him that her voice blends completely into his and it sounds like only one voice is present on other equipment... it seems like it is only the sensitivity of these high end systems that detect such minute differences in timbre that allows her voice to be noticed as separate from the lead... this is one of the tracks I've used a gauge of any changes I've made in the system for a couple of years now and it's always been a matter of generally how separated her voice has been from his and how distinctly I can perceive where she's actually standing... but last night, I was able to hear her voice more clearly and distinctly than ever before... not only was she clearly about 5 feet to his right and back perhaps 4 feet or so, but the sound of her voice was more clear, the image more solid, almost equal to his voice at times, and her voice, while still soft, had a slight edge, like it was coming from her throat rather than being so breathy, as though more vibrations were able to come through and onto the soundstage now... it was very noticeable... each instrument and each person was more noticeably present throughout the recordings... It seems adding these outlets and cleaning the wires has improved every aspect of what I'm hearing, though I'm a bit hesitant to say they've increased the palpability aspect from what I'm hearing so far, as the imaging in my system was already very palpable, although this may also improve over time as these ports break in more ... still, when you consider all the improvements that I am hearing overall, this has definitely been one of the better things I've done for my system...

From what I've read of others experiences with these outlets, they continue to improve over about a month and a half or so, but what I'm hearing right now is very satisfying and pretty impressive...

In case you might be interested in obtaining some of these Cryo treated Hubble 8300 outlets for yourself, just send a note to Albert Porter at [email protected] and see if he's got any on hand at the moment...
Great Review ! I had similar experiences. For such a reasonable price, it made a big improvement in my setup. Well worth it.
Albert shipped me a bunch of his Porter Ports just before he left for CES. This prompted me to install a new breaker at my service and to run a dedicated line to a pair of Porter Ports.

I am happy with the results.
Same with me. Installed the Porter Ports midday Saturday and listened to some CDs Sat night. Much quieter than the PS Audio port it replaced.
Very smooooooooooth and the bass is also a bit tighter. Can't wait 'till it "breaks-in".
All that for a measly $36. I plan on getting more.
I'm happy this worked as well for you guys as it did for me. This outlet was the result of tests in my own system when renovating my listening space.
It sounds like I'd better contact Albert and order some Porter Ports. I'm currently (get it?) using the FIM outlets, but am always looking for the best. Has anyone compared the two?
I tried the FIM last year. Couldn't stand them in my system. I gave it a few hundred hours but the dynamics were constricted and dull compared to the PS Audio power ports I had before recently trying Albert's ports. I have ordered 6 more to modify my PS Audio Juice bar.
Give the Porter ports a demo, you might prefer 'em.
Hello. I am curious, are the Poerter Ports "Isolated Ground" outlets? Also, has anyone compared them to the JPS outlets or the Acme Cryoed outlets? Thanks. Brooks
Brooks, Porter Ports are not isolated ground but you may achieve the same results by using a non conductive outlet box.

There are many threads at Audiogon where users have compared Porter Ports (and preferred them) over other brands. You can begin here:

If that is not enough information, go to forum threads and enter Porter Ports in the search engine.
We are in the middle of redoing our listening room with the help of Rives Audio. We just pulled new 20A lines on 10AWG Romex, terminated with Albert's Porter Ports installed in non conductive boxes. Porter Ports are the "real deal" and just might be one of the best bang for the buck tweaks you can do. The difference is immediate and not subtle.
Thanks, Albert and Sliknot1. Are non-conductive boxes the plastic ones that I have seen at Home Depot? Also, it would seem to make sense to replace the outlets in my Balanced Power Tech. line conditioner. Has anyone tried this with BPT or another brand?
Thanks, Brooks
Brooks, the effects of good cryoed outlets are cumulative and, yes, replacing the outlets in your conditioner will give you just as much performance boost as doing those at the wall. You are not really hearing what your system is capable of if you don't.
I just started a new ad here at Audiogon for both Ivory and White Porter Ports. Available only in Ivory before today, those asking for both colors now have a choice and at the same price.
I finally installed my "Porter Ports" yesterday and have to say that I'm very impressed with them. Immediately, I noticed a darker, blacker soundstage with higher definition and clarity around each instrument. The focus is very tight now, much better than with my prior FIM ports.

On digital masters of solo acoustic guitar, the guitar now has a much fuller and deeper sound, you hear more of the wood resonances, just as I'd remembered at the recording event. There is much that I hadn't heard within the recording that was always there, but limited by my previous recept's. Did I tthink that Albert's "Porter Ports" would make this much difference? No, but I'm glad that I'd tried them.

Thanks Albert.

Kind regards,
Brian Weitzel
Brian, if you're happy with the Porter Ports after just 24 hours, wait till they reach their full break-in, which is roughly 250 hours, and you won't believe how great they sound. Happy Listening.
Hi Sherod,

I had Albert's receptacles in my system for only 15 minutes before I was calling him, telling him how much I liked them. Albert also mentioned that there is about an 250 hour break in period. So far, I'm into it just 4 1/2 days, so I have a ways to go.

I've used Nippon wire in the past and it was horrible during break in, the Porter Ports still sound fine, although not quite as good as they did when they were first installed. The funny thing is, they sound better than my previously used recept's during the break in period. It's crazy.

I'm going to ask Albert if he will cryo some 240 VAC recept's for my amps next. I'll give my impressions of Albert's Porter Ports after the 250 hours.

Kind regards,
Brian Weitzel
Thanks Brian. I look forward to your impressions after the full break-in. Most good receptacles,including the Porter Ports, have a strange metamorphosis during their break-in period(very similar to the break-in characteristics of interconnects and power cords).Up to about 100 hours they go through a roller coaster ride. Smooth one day,pinched- sounding the next,rolled off highs and bass the next,etc.( while still sounding somewhat musical) until they suddenly emerge as that beautiful and free butterfly. It's a very trying period during this break-in period, but well worth the patience taken. It's sad, but some people(myself included)have given up before with cable and outlet trials after frustration,not realizing that time is required for the metamorphosis period.Have fun and enjoy. Keep us posted.
Hello Sherod,

I now have 12 days on my Porter Ports, having a draw on the receptacles the whole time. All I can say is WOW. Albert is really onto something here. Is it because they are non-plated? Is it the cryo treating? Or the combo of both? I don't know, and at Albert's price, I don't have to. He has obviosly done his homework.

What do I notice? Much, much more detail. On my live digital masters, I now hear details that I didn't even notice at the event. On one recording there are 3 harmonizing young female singers, far left plays a Fender Rhoades and the other two accoustic guitars. I'm hearing details within the guitars that I'd missed before, even a short quiet baby cry that wasn't heard before. With detail like this, it would make mixing/mastering much easier.

I also notice a very black background around each vocalist and instrument, with extreme focus. Everything is less edgy, more natural sounding, and has less digital traits on digital playback. Playback of my analog master tapes is insane!

I'm not rying to write ad space for Albert, so I'll stop. I'm just say that I'm very happy with my Porter Ports. Great job, Albert. Hopefully he'll make some 240 VAC recepts for me.

Kind regards,
Brian Weitzel
That's great, Brian. The reasons for the good sonics are all of the above. The Porter Port is the sum of all its parts. You will continue to hear subtle improvements for the next few days, perhaps even up to a month. I'm glad you're enjoying yours. I sure am mine. Happy listening. And thank you again Albert.
I had not posted before about my experience with the Porter ports. I really liked the difference they made for me and it was a rewarding experience. What I thought was so funny was that, I have this light for cleaning records and seeing what I am doing in the turntable arena and I left it plugged in so that I could tell when I had the circuit shut off. Then after I finished the job, I flipped the circuit back on. When I came back the room was filled with this bright light like someone had put a spotlight in there. It was this same little lamp, but it was intensly brighter than before. So, it works on more than just audio!