restoring a technics linear tracking turntable

Hi I was hoping someone can help me.I have a technics linear
tracking turntable and the grease has become dry and sticky on
the tracking mechanism. What would you recommend to relube this turntable? I was thinking about a light clear silicon grease but I have no clue where to find it. I appreciate your
help. Thanks!
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it would need to be VERY slippery. Any grease heavyness will ruin the arm function.
i would try a sewing machine oil, or a transmission fluid.
I might try a silicon spray first instead of putting more grease on top of the dried stuff. If you can remove all the old grease it might not be necessary. I use to sell these but never had to do any arm maintanance.
I have a digital SL-10 service manual. If it would be of use email me.

Good luck.
My Dual 1219 platter kept spinning twice as long after shut-off using Mobil 1 when compared to light machine handy oil. I now use it on my Nakamichi capstan shafts with complete confidence. It's not grease but its man-made molecules are of uniform length. Imagine long ribbons that can slide over each other. As they work they get chopped up. By comparison, conventional oil is a collection of long and short ribbons so they can't work as well or last as long.
Thanks everybody for all your help.I think
I'll try Mobil 1 oil and see what happens.
Mobil 1 is a bad idea. The rail is not sealed, and the oil will attract dust. Also, the oil is more likely to migrate to other places it is not desired. Too much oil, or grease, and the slow downward cuing of the arm will be lost. For the rail, I use Part # VFKS0081 GREASE from encompass parts distribution at

Very, very light coating is all that is needed.