Restored Marantz 2275 or Vincent Audio SV-237?

I have received the doubled boxed Vincent SV-237 this week and while lifting out this cold heavy machinery out of the box - I thought to myself "this is what an integrated amp should look like". I wanted a powerful amp with bass and treble tone controls, a loudness switch and no added electronic components like tuner or phono pre-amp. Not wasting anytime, I plugged in my Cambridge Audio 651cd player to the SV237 and started with Supertramp - Crime of the Century SHM-CD. It took about 10 minutes to get my mind to relax and just listen to the cd and then sound began to liven up as if they were playing live in the room all while the tubes does it job by allowing the instruments to shimmer around me. The sound was a little on the bright side for my liking, but there was no fatigue from long period of listening. It didn't take much volume to get the music to punch out out the bass comparing to other amps I've owned in the past. At low volume listening, the loudness switch's bass is a little more relaxed comparing to the Marantz 2275 when activated. The tubes are the original chinese tubes, so I've ordered a couple vintage matched 61NP-EV Soviet tubes to help tame the bright sound. The silver Vincent SV-237 is a bold classic looking Integrated amp that will get respect over time and it is everything it's hyped up to be - big, heavy with plenty of power and a wide soundstage. Overall I'm very satisfied with this amp enough to sell my Marantz 2275 if needed, but for now hold on to both amps.
Happy Holidays to all!!
Glad to see you are enjoying the Vincent it’s a great amp. I had a fully restored 2285b and sold it after I got my sv 237. If you can track down an RCA black plate triple mica 5751 tube to replace the stock 12ax7 you will find the amp sounds much better especially in the high frequencies. Best of luck.
I'm possibly thinking about selling my Marantz 2275 as well, but I'm concern about the repair-ability of the Vincent SV-237. There is no internet information for repair service in the U.S. or at least the service manual or schematic for the Vincent SV-237 amp. This is the information that an audio repair shop would need to service the Vincent locally.
I'll look out for the 5751 tube. What did you do for the two 6N1P-EV tubes? 
Thanks for the reply.
I used Voskhod Rockets I believe.
The big Vincent integrated (formerly the 236) has been around for some time and is well regarded...a friend has had one for years and I've spent more than a few hours listening to it, and it really is a large beast. Audio Advisor can tell you where to get it fixed if needed.  
I will check in to that. Thank for the replies!!