Restore Thorens TD 165 or buy a VPI Traveller?

Would you restore and upgrade a Thorens TD165 or buy a VPI Traveller V2 from Audiogon? I know some like the vintage because they are vintage but what would be the better choice sound wise. Both will have a Ortofon Bronze cartridge. Unless you can recommend a better matched cartridge for each.
It would depend on who did the TD165 restoration and upgrades.

Who would you trust to do a fantastic job on the td165?
Sorry, don't know any firsthand, but I imagine that others may chime in. With the VPI Traveler, you know what exactly what you will get. With a restored and upgraded TD165, youÂ’ve introduced added variables with respect to the modifications and restoration.
I would go here!
BRF is oh so right. The Traveler is a very nice table...with performance beyond its price. You must know that VPI is always there to help if any needs arise..their service is superb.
I actually just acquired a VPI Aries Scout. I might try and rehab the Thorens myself. I have no experience at such things but will do plenty of research before I start. Thanks for all your responses.
Nothing like restoring a piece of equipment yourself. Pride of joy, plus you learn a lot about the component. The journey can be as much fun as the destination.