Restore Infinity RSIIIb RS3b Acoustic Foam?

I'm trying to find replacement acoustic foam that is on the front speaker surface around my Infinity RSIIIb EMIT tweeters and Polycell Midrange. This is not the speaker surround but an acoustic foam rubber (similar to neoprene but not neoprene) around them. It's so old that it's disintegrating, which is natural and seems to be the case with any RSIIIb photo I've seen. It's about 1/4" thick. Thanks!
If you contact me (Dave) on Monday at 708 345-9200 I can probably make these for you. My factory does custom manufacturing with foam, rubber, and cork. I believe the Infinity tweeter surrounds were made of poron, but I will probably need a photo to identify for sure. We can cut these out and apply a psa on the back to adhere them or we can supply the laminated foam if you want to cut out yourself.
have a look here

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