Restoration mc30's

I'm a 2 year owner of a set of mc30''s. I keep reading up on restoration will enhance the sound and give me more of a stage sound. Can anyone from the Md. area recommend a good shop in Md. for cosmetic and electronics restoration that won't rob me . Hopefully one with many years of experience and outstanding work. Thanks for your feedback 
Check this link:
Mike Samra in Saginaw, Michigan
he has my much cherished MC240

I can recommend Bill Thalmann at Music Technology (MTI) in Springfield VA. He isn't cheap, and is kind of slow, since he has a huge backlog, but he will do an excellent job. He knows most older amps inside out and used to work for Conrad Johnson.

Nothing to suggest in your local area.
From my personal experience Mike Samra first second the very qualified Audio Classics Vestal NY. Audio Classics is basically OEM, Mike is a very well known and respected expert.