Rest in Peace Dan Peek

I just found out that Dan Peek passed away this past Sunday. He was 60 years young and has left us with some great memories etched in vinyl. I guess as we get older we lose more and more of our musical past. But Dan has Crossed the River. He will be missed.
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Haven't you followed the Amy Winehouse RIP thread? G-d knows (pardon the pun) what can of worms you've opened. That wretched horse in that pagan desert....


PS In truth, I was saddened by this news, too. America is about to start touring with 3 Dog Night and I was actually thinking about catching the show when it came to LA. Dan and those high harmonies will be missed.
Mr. Peek fully understood the AW RIP thread when he was here.

No worms.
Good to hear. The tone over there got a bit testy for my taste. I guess that I prefer amicable relations among 'goners. (I know, another pun).
Marty, go see them. I saw America 2 years ago and they put on a decent show. Good tunes and inter-acted with the

Sorry to hear about Dan too. Being an Air Force brat in England about the time that they graduated HS, we were all psyched about them making it big. I think perhaps their 1st album will have to have a spin tonight. I have not heard any of his post-America work but seems some of it has good reviews...will have to look it up.