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I just spent an hour or so on this web site Ramstl recommends for CD-R info. It's huge with an incredible amount of info. But for music lovers, I've concluded from info. gleaned from this website, that the blue/green music CD-Rs that are so common have been improved significantly from when they were first introduced.

The Blue/green color is from the dye cyanine, and initial aging studies in Europe suggested that this dye was not as stable as two other processes-- the silver and gold colored blanks. Well, the good news appears to be that the manufacturers of blue/green discs have added stabilizers to the dye to make them much more age durable. This is important because almost all CD-R music blanks are the blue/green variety. I hope its true. I've used 5-6 different CD-R music blanks, and they're all blue/green, in fact I've never seen a silver or gold blank. Thanks Ramstl, and Good Luck to us all. Craig
Almost all of the new 80 minutes CDR's are of the gold variety, Imations, Memorex, ect. It appears that most of the ones made in Taiwan from Ritek and CMC are gold. However, according to cdmediaworld they are not the most stable. It appears to me that the production plays an important part in quality. At this time I try to stay away from all CDR's made in Taiwan. I look for made in Japan or U.S. as an indicator of quality. Fuji's are made in Japan and my local Office Max has a cake of 50 on sale $14.99. BTW, they are the blue/green type.