Resolution CD50 versus Opus 21 versus Ayon 1?

OK, A GOOD FRIEND BROUGHT OVER HIS AYON 1 AND THE PLINIUS 8100 INTEGRATED I SOLD HIM, WE FIRST LISTENED TO MY CD50 RUN DIRECT TO MY BELLES MODEL 1 AND IT SOUNDED GREAT, BUT AFTER HOOKING UP THE AYON 1 EVERYTHING THING SOUNDED CLEARER AND NOT BRIGHT OR STRIDENT AT ALL. I would say my cd50 gets about 80 percent of what the ayon 1 can do. keep in mind my cd50 was bought for $700 and he paid $2250 for the ayon. However my question is how close is the opus 21 to the ayon1 and how much better is the opus21 to the cd50? thanks,Scott