Resolution cd50/55 vs. Cary 303/100

I'm looking at both of these players. Can anyone compare the two? Also, do both these play cdr's? Thanks.
Any CD player will play CDR's; it's only some (most) DVD players that have trouble with CDRs.

As for the players you mention, I used to own the Res CD50 and thought it one of the most musical CD players I've ever heard, I definitely preferred it to the CD55, which I thought was more "hi-fi" sounding and had more treble glare. I eventually upgraded to the Audio Aero Capitole player which is tremendous, but then for 3 times the money it ought to be!!

Good luck in your search...
Hi...I auditioned the CD55 vs Cary 303/100 when shopping for a cdp. I found the CD55's presentation a bit cooler than I like...I much preferred the more realistic tonal qualities and soundstaging of the Cary 303. I've had my Cary almost 2 years now and I love it. I was totally surprised by how wonderful HDCD recordings sound on this player, I NEVER would have bought a player based on HDCD capability, but this has proven to be a nice bonus. THe 303 has worked flawlessly since I've owned it. Highly recommended.