Resolution Audio Vs. Wadia

Has anyone compared the Resolution Audio CD50 or CD55 to the Wadia 860x. What have you found? Which is better for directly driving an amp? Does the Resolution Sound better or worst through a reference quality preamp?
I haven't heard the Resolution Audio CD50 or 55 yet though the Wadia 860x is one of the best I've heard, but methinks your comparison isn't exactly fair, since the Wadia retails for more than TWICE a brand new CD55 and FOUR TIMES a used CD50. A closer comparison might be between the Resolution players and a Wadia 830.
I've owned the Wadia 860(not the x) and presently own both the CD 50 and CD 55. They are all fine players. The Resolutions with their analog volume control (actually a fully differential dedicated preamp) has better extension. You don't lose detail at the end of the spectrum as you do with the Wadia. All of this is system dependant. If your amps and speakers don't reproduce these hz levels then you won't miss the dropout from the Wadia's. But at half the price for better performance it is awful tough to beat either of the RA models.
I have wanted to hear RA CD-55, and I have heard the 860, 860x and today the 861. Hifinut604, this is a fair comparison, since the RA products advertisement holds the claim that it will blow away players more than 2x the cost. Digital volume on the wadias is less than perfect, and I would rarely hook them direct. For a tweeky listening session, yes, but for every day use and convience -- my preamp and all of the other analog sources that comprise my system need to be switched in and I would not buy all of the A/D converters to make the wadia a front end in my system. It is just wrong to put a quality turntable and phono amp into a A/D and then do a D/A then digital volume. Getting back to the original subject, I think there are other players that are better than the Wadia for the price. Linn Ikemi is one of my favorites that i have auditioned...
I've not compared my CD50 to an 860x or 861, 862, 863, 356, or 911, but if somebody will bring one by my place, I'll be happy to do it (especially the 911). I don't expect the CD50 to lose, but I suppose there's a slim chance that it might (not to no stinking 830, though). Frankly, I'm tired of this whole issue, and tired of defending the CD50...seems like every week, somebody asks this question, having not searched out what we've all said in last week's thread. We've beaten it to death, and on into the after life. Good luck bonerphile, whatever you decide. "It's about the music, afterall, isn't it? Seems like it ought to be..."
J_k, it's a pity you weren't there to defend me when I started a thread called "Linn vs. Wadia" where I was in a cyber room full of Wadia lovers who all told me the Wadia was much superior to the Linn Ikemi. I personally think the Linn Ikemi is one of the best players I've heard, and the absolute best at it's price point. I preached the fact Wadia's digital volume control crops off detail, but didn't manage to convert anyone. I thought the Wadia 860x through a preamp was pretty good, although not a great value at it's lofty price. I still think the Ikemi is better and a way better value. But the box IS real SHINY and the visual panache DOES impress visitors (at least non-audiophile ones).
By the by it seems as if Wadia has just gone Bankrupt. Check out the info on the stereophile website.
in having had the wadia 860,860x,cd50 and now presently the cd55,all great players,but for value and performance the cd55 is by far the most musical in it's class.
I did purchase a used Resolution Audio CD50 to compare directly to my Wadia 860x. I preffered the 860x in most areas to the CD50. I especially did not like the way the CD50 handled the soundstage, very unrealistic, no depth and minimal width. I know my opinion is in the minority here. I have nothing against the owners of the CD50 and am not trying to start a war, but as an actual owner of both units I feel compelled to answer your question.