Resolution Audio Owners - How Do You Contact Them?

I am interested in auditioning their CD55 and locating a local dealership. But, their listed number of (650)493-5090 is disconnected. They do not respond to their e-mail on their one-paged website. Can anyone furnish me with a contact number or a working e-mail address. Thank you.
That should tell you all you need to know. Forget the Resolution Audio unit and buy an Electrocompaniet. If you've just got to have a Resolution Audio product, I recommend that you contact Galen Carol Audio. I'm pretty certain the CD55 was discontinued quite some time ago. Good luck.
Yeah, they do respond to Email. You might have a hard time finding a new CD55 at a dealer though since this player is out of production.
I spoke with Jeff Kalt (Resolution Audio) just a few days ago
I think you should try again
Resolution Audio products are only distributed via the factory. The CD55 model is out of production and they have a new model in the works but not yet available. I suggest you contact them again but my sense is an audition will not be possible. You might try this web site for a used CD55 for sale close to your home so you can listen before you buy. cheers..