Resolution Audio Opus21 cabling options

Currently I own the Opus 21 player (unmodified) and am wondering about my options for connection to my Placette Active Linestage. I have read and heard differing opinions regarding the use of the DIN connection on the Opus 21 CD player. Some folks say this:

"The built-in volume controller inside the unit should be bypassed for optimum sound and bypassing it will indeed make a big difference - it's a real bottleneck. Get a cable manufacturer to custom make a RCA to DIN interconnect for this purpose."

I spoke to Great Northern Sound and was advised to not bother because the internal control is very transparent and by using the inferior DIN connector will yield mixed results and would sound worse than if I simply connected to the RCA outs with the volume controller in the signal path.

I'm and using a Virtual Dynamics Nite IC and Nite power cord and am not keen on sending the unit off for modification. I do not want to connect directly to amp, since I have other sources and need preamp switching capabilities. I have read the archives and noted that indeed many are using the DIN connection using various DIN to RCA connectors. If you have experience with this player please advise your latest thoughts and connection experiences on this topic. Thanks so much!
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I use a DIN-XLR cable for my Opus 21 (I prefer XLR because of my preamp), and I prefer it to the RCA outputs. I do this, because of the recommendation from Jeff Kalt, the designer of the Opus 21. (And while GNS is correct that the internal analog volume control is very good, it is not as good as nothing, (i.e. bypassing the volume control), IMHO.)

Jeff stated quite clearly to me that the best, most transparent way to connect up the Opus 21, is to bypass the volume control and use the DIN output. I will state that the difference is minor, and not a huge upgrade, IMHO. (However, at this level, getting any upgrade is worth doing in my experience.)

FYI, I use an Audience AU24 cable that I had made special for me. It sounds very good, but I will state that I have not experimented with other cables. (I took another audiogon member's recommendation to use the AU24.)

My recommendation is to keep an eye out here on Audiogon, and the next time a used DIN-RCA cable shows up, buy it and give it a try. If you like it, great. If not, resell it (for very little lost money, if any), and be happy with what you have.

My two cents worth anyway.

Good Luck.
The Opus 21 was reviewed in the July 2003 issue of Hi-Fi Plus. As I remember it, the reviewer was using the Nordost DIN to RCA interconnect and found quite an improvement over the RCA output. Here is the link:

I used the DIN to RCA interconnect with bullet plugs made by DNM. You can get a pair from Jeff Kalt of Resolution Audio for $150. I haven't tried the other more expensive ones but the DNM works well for me and leave me satisfied. At least I am not going back to my more expensive RCA interconnects.

Hope it helps.
Having owned both the modified and unmodified versions of this palyer (great player and great mod) I concur with the above two posts that going out of the DIN and bypassing the VC is an improvement ...I had good success with both a moderately priced DNM DIN to RCA cable and the more expensive AU24 Din to RCA
Go with the DIN cable. It is audibly better. It will have more clarity and punch. I use the Audience cable as well. My Opus 21 has the reference GNSC modification and I'm not sure I would spend the money to modify it if I had it to do again.
I have this player with the GNSC Reference mods and have experimented with both the DIN and RCA outputs and i actually prefer the RCA outs. They are very close, almost to the point of being indistinguishable, but after extensive comparison I found the DIN out to be slightly leaner sounding in my system. Obviously, I appear to be in the minority here, but suggest that you experiment with both to determine which works best in your system.
I would say that the use of the DIN connector was a slight improvememnt over the XLR outs. I had a DH Labs Revelation DIN to RCA cable made.
I had Steve at GNSC disconnect the pre amp section from the RCA outputs. I think it clealy is better, but not night and day. If you are having the mods done, you can ask him to do that.