resolution audio opus 21 vs. audio research cd 3

I'm looking to upgrade my arcam components that I'm using with Dynaudio Special 25s. I've heard the ARC cd 3 and liked the greater detail, transparency and less forward presentation than my old alpha 8, but am interested in the opus 21 for its flexibility with pre-amp and digital input
functions. I've also auditioned Krell, Classe, Naim plus other players and while they had their strong points, I seem to prefer a more liquid, less dry/grey sound, as well as wanting a deeper, less forward presentation than my arcam.

Any comparisons regarding tonal balance, dynamics, imaging, etc. for these two would be appreciated, thanks.
I haven't compared the two directly, although I've heard both and have owned the Opus. And, unless I'm wrong, they are at different price points -- 5.5k vs. 3.5k. Anyway, I think you'd be hard pressed to find glaring differences. The Opus offers the most felixbility, which is why I bought it.

If you're willing to pay the added price of the CD3, one thing to consider is the Great Northern Sound Co. modification package for the Opus, which improves the unit. GNSC also works on AR stuff so they might be able to give you a decent answer, although I don't think he mods the CD3. There's a review of the GNSC Opus here on the Gon. Good luck!
One more thing about GNSC. Steve has to be one of the most helpful people ever. He wields an absolute boat load of information and is extremely truthful when dispensing it. His passion for his work is easily recognizable. Highly recommended.

Even though I dont own the RA21 yet, I can say it is a great player, even stock. I havent heard the CD3 so I cant comment there.

Check with RA they may ship you a demo for an in home audition. RA are great guys too. You may also want to check with Steve At GNSC, seems that he mentioned having a lightly used RA21 when I spoke with him a week or so ago.
If you like the ARC CD3 MK ll, do yourself a favor and listen to the new ARC Reference CD7--it has much of the internal architecture of the ARC Ref 3 preamp
Thanks for your responses.
Dear JLrater,

Read your question and was just curious whether you already auditioned the RA Opus 21 against the ARC CD3. If so which do you prefer and why? I am in about the same situation as you, auditioned the ARC CD3 mk2 and liked it a lot but I´m also interested in the RA Opus 21.