Resolution audio opus 21 and which integrated?

My friend is putting together a system he has some Norman Lab speakers, These speakers are kinda rare they were made in Norman Oklahoma, they sound really nice. He is also buying a Resolution audio opus 21 , which integrated would you recommend for this matchup? he wants to keep the price under $2000. any advice? thanks,Scott
Does he want tubes, solid state, or a hybrid integrated ?

What is he currently using ?

Why not let him try the Plinius when you get it and see if he likes that ?

Have you searched the ads to see what is out there in his price range at all ????
solid state he was looking at a creek, i plan on him hearing the plinius. I was just hoping someone may have a suggestion for him. I have always wanted to try the manley snapper, but not sure if it would sound good with the opus. thanks,Scott
oh he is currently using a older pioneer receiver
has anybody heard the resolution audio pre amp? I have read if possible its good to buy both components from same company because they sinc well. thanks,Scott
is anyone using a integrated with a opus21? anyone?

"is anyone using a integrated with a opus21?"

Yes, I have the Opus 21 & S30 system. They both sound fantastic. I have the Great Northern Sound Company reference modded versions of each, but I did demo the stock versions of each. I'm using them with Avantgarde Duo Primo horns (107 db efficient). The Opus 21 S30 integrated system uses a DIN connection, where the units are stacked and connected on top of each other. No expensive interconnects and only one powercord. You can get an extra sources unit that stacks in the system that gives you connections for extra sources, a phonostage and FM radio. It is very conveneient and sounds great.