Resolution Audio- great customer service

Just want to say that I have been very satisfied
with Resolution Audio. Steve Huntley exceeds
my expectations for product support.

I am using the Halide Bridge from a Mac Mini into the back
Of my 9 year old Opus 21, it sounds more refined than
a contemporary $1000 dac I recently demoed.
I talked to Steve just a couple days ago concerning my RA Opus 21. He was extremely helpful. I have a long history with Resolution Audio which has always been positive.

Here's a quote from a thread I posted in back on 06: "A few months ago I purchased a Resolution Audio CD-50 cd player on ebay. The player sounded great but the stand-by function on the remote did not work. I asked if anybody knew of a fix for this problem on this forum with no help except for a suggestion by Ruebent to contact Jeff Kalt at RA. After explaining the situation to Jeff he decided my CD-50 needed an upgraded chip which he sent me at no charge. This was great except that it didn't fix the problem. Undaunted, Jeff looked further into the problem and realized my player would also need a new remote which he also sent me free of charge. I reinstalled the chip, put batteries in the remote and everything works perfectly now.
That is without a doubt the best customer service I have ever experienced. This was a used cd player after all."
Another shout out for Resolution Audio. Their Cantata DAC + CD player is the most smooth, analog sounding DAC I have heard (& I have heard a few but not all). Steve Huntley's service is over the top. Very fair pricing and lightning quick turnaround. If this hobby was not so much about the flavor of the month, the RA Cantata would be getting a lot more attention from audiophiles. I am never selling mine -- stupendous performance with gorgeous looks to boot!
Thanks! for sharing guys-

it is important to post all correspondence(s), both positive and negative, for these companies. Most do not offer 'customer service'. It is always a pleasure reading about the few that do. Happy Listening!